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Game Information

Dungeons and Tantrums is a fantasy RPG set in a nation rife with instability and conflict. Its central theme is the political intrigue that is present in such a bleak landscape, with several factions vying for control in a grand city torn apart by its ruler.

The main emphasis in Dungeons and Tantrums is the creation of a truly interactive world where your actions have consequences and you are able to shape the landscape as you desire. Join multiple factions and choose which guilds rise within this wartorn landscape, and which ones collapse.

More information is available at my Development Blog!

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Max McGee
with sorrow down past the fence
why is it called what it's called
It's an obvious play on words. The project is somewhat serious, but the dialogue is dripping with sarcasm as you can probably see in some of the screenshots and by playing the demo. I just felt it was appropriate; but if inspiration should strike I can always change it when I release the final version.
Can't help but think of: Existential Crisis and Dragons


That said, this looks like a solid concept for a project.
Thanks. I certainly hope so, and enough work and planning has gone into it to make it fairly solid. :)
Demo ends right before the world opens up. Enemies level up with you so that you are at a bigger disadvantage if you level up. The inn you start out at is unable to heal you. Quests let you decide who to side with, resulting in different rewards, kinda like fallout. Could be interesting if it was longer and the world opened up.
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