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You need the RPG Maker VX Ace RTP to play the game. If you don't have it already, you can get it here.

Do keep in mind that the two reviews reflect an earlier version of the game made in RPG Maker 2000, which has nothing to do with the current build of the game in RPG Maker VX Ace.

"It is the year 738 of the Common Time in the Kingdom of Engea. A darkness has fallen over the land; demons, brought to the mortal plane by unknown forces, are causing fear and destruction wherever they appear."

Relas: Chaos of the Realms is a traditional RPG that is heavily inspired by games such as the original Fallout games, Arcanum, Morrowind, Wizardry 8 and the Might and Magic series. Although this may seem like a fairly diverse list of RPGs, it is not my goal to emulate any one game. I'm attempting to cull some of my favorite elements from western RPGs and make a game that's distinctively my own. Relas: Chaos of the Realms was previously a game made with RPG Maker 2000, and was called The Chronicles of Engea; it is now being recreated and reimagined in RPG Maker VX Ace.

My aim for this project is to create a rich and atmospheric fantasy world that you travel through while being guided by the narrative, without being constricted to a linear path. I am also aiming for a well-told story line that branches based on the choices that you make, and a variety of side quests for you to complete along the way. There will be a significant amount of choice & consequence in the game as well; decisions that you make may have devastating, unforeseeable effects later on - or vice versa. You will be able to command a party of up to five characters who you can find throughout the game world, and choose from among ten classes to play as.

I'm also putting a large focus on characterization and making sure that each NPC in the world feels as though they belong there. Your companions will often provide commentary on things as you explore the world and will on occasion engage in conversation when you meet someone that they know. Aside from the flavor text, there will also be various side-plots related to your companions that you can choose to pursue. Characters and quests within the game world will form a metaphorical patchwork quilt of sorts with quests serving to strengthen and reinforce the lore of the world and the relationships between its characters and factions.

Relas: Chaos of the Realms will have a minimalistic storyline that unfolds gradually as you play the game. You will often have to think for yourself to solve problems and use logic and critical thinking to figure out what to do next. If you are used to being held by the hand when you play RPGs, this game might not be for you. On the other hand, if you don't mind figuring out things for yourself and exploring a bit, Relas: Chaos of the Realms should be your kind of game.

Combat is intended to be tactical and challenging, but it is not necessarily the main focus of the game. Experience points are not given for combat, but rather for completing objectives; this makes the game easier for me to balance and will make the level curve much smoother, as well help to discourage or even outright eliminate grinding.

If you want to see how the old game will compare to the new one, feel free to download the (unfinished) RPG Maker 2000 version.

Latest Blog

New Demo Up Now

I've uploaded the updated version of the Relas: Chaos of the Realms demo with bug fixes, a new introductory sequence, new quests, and rebalanced gameplay. While it isn't essential that you download the new version if you've played the game previously, there is a new dungeon to explore and a lot of bug fixes have been made. In the new introduction to the game, I've fleshed out the relationships between the player character, Lydia, and Gundy which should shed some light on areas that some had complained were unclear. There are a few quests in the game which are as of now unfinished that will be completed in the next version.


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Yeah any news on when we can expect more? Are you going to have hidden skills and werewolf classes like on the old version? What is skill speed, item speed, and target rate effect?
Also to all players, what class did you guys choose? I chose gunslinger and he seems awesome.
I choose the paladin because my experience says that good physical skills combined with healing is a winner combination. I didn't reach level 3 though, so I never got a healing spell.

Anyway, the quests so far seem overly simplistic. The first quest I encountered was just helping out a girl and it consisted solely of talking to three people located closely together. Then there was a man who needed a rope and very close by was a rope. Even what I suppose is the main quest seemed very bare bone. The characters pretty much just says "we encountered a demon, let's ditch everyday work and go adventuring instead." There's very little meat to the game so far.
The quests in the demo are intended to be simplistic because they're some of the first quest you'll be able to do as a low level character.

You can get up to level 5 in the demo if you do every quest.
Yeah any news on when we can expect more? Are you going to have hidden skills and werewolf classes like on the old version? What is skill speed, item speed, and target rate effect?
Also to all players, what class did you guys choose? I chose gunslinger and he seems awesome.

I'll probably include a way to become a werewolf, and certain skills will only be able to be learned after doing certain quests.

Skill speed and item speed affect how long it takes for a skill/item that takes over 1 turn to take effect. I don't have any skills or items that take multiple turns right now, but I will in the future.

Target rate is how often you are targeted by enemies, I believe.
Target rate is how often you are targeted by enemies, I believe.

It's exactly that. The higher it is, the more often you become a punching bag.
The only complaint I have so far is not the game designers fault: The walking animation of the characters is terrible, which is a pity since they otherwise look quite good for the small size of the sprites.
I would agree. I think it has to do with the way the engine handles animations, elwhich isn't really fit for these kind of sprites.
I like the graphics. This game's on my radar. :)
Thanks. :)
It's coming along quite nicely.
hi there i downloaded the demo and i have to say im impresed by ur work gr8 job on the game.
now i fund a litle but cool (for me) bug,its in the goblin city, resident area when u get the quest slay the beast at the bridge after i have killed the beast i return to the quest giver and talk to him but he keep repiting the same words again and again as a result i get exp evry time, now this is not a such a bad bug :P but still its a bug...i have to say im looking foward to full game keep the good work
hey its me again XD i fund some more bugs,in the necromancer cave where the big rock is(if its a rock its to dark to see)in the northwest side of the cave there is a spot i can run away from map i mean walk over the map, also in the basemant southwest side of the map where the 2 big blue light thing like handcops are its kinda the same i can walk away from the map.
The intro is definitely improved and I like the new scripts used. You do still need to fix the save menu though (as the sprites get cut off), I think you might want to do a little tinkering and switch the sprites to facesets - there might be scripts that already do this lying around. But overall I still love this game.
Got a script for the save menu now, thanks for the suggestion. It's something I had meant to do and never got around to.
Liberté, égalité, fraternité
Ok firstly before I make any comments on the game I've got to talk about the CSS you are using on this gamepage, it makes reading anything you write as information almost impossible to read. The grey text on black background is indecipherable and requires highlighting the entire passage to read it and even that is not easy on the eyes. Change the text colour to something bright, perhaps take the yellow/gold from your map to keep the theme.

Now as to the game, I did play an earlier version of this with some of the glitches and I have to say you have cleaned it up well, the intro still needs a little work but it is much better and the quests have a little more depth though I do wish you hadn't included ones that can't be completed in the current stage of the demo, it makes the game feel even less complete and leaves the player without a feeling of accomplishment.

If I can offer a word in regard to dialogue, cut down on the ellipses. They are rampant in some areas and whilst I know they are a prevalent tool in some RPG's they don't need to be used so much.

I really like the look and feel of the game, it's very immersive and you've obviously taken the time to flesh out your characters graphically, they do need some more work narratively but as I said I played an earlier version and it's obvious you are adding to their interactions and story as you release new demos, so this is basically me saying I hope you continue to do so, I'm looking forward to playing this game when it is done.
I'm still not giving up on this project, it's just been on the backburner for a long time as other hobbies and real life stuff take precedence.

It's been so long since I worked on the game that it's almost as if I'm looking at someone else's work sometimes. What I need to make any progress going forward is a unified, extensive design document - which I should have done at the very beginning. :)

I'm also going to need a lot of help from some very thorough playtesters in the future catching unfinished quests and bugs and whatnot. But I WILL finish this project. :D
My mind is full of fuck.
Please more news. Been like forever.
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