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development status page added and version

alright there was no updates withing a few week from now. so here some of the updates for this game.
-currently testing of the new mini-game event system via separate game file which is not likely to be released publicly soon.
- new development page had been added to this profile page
this can help keep up on what i am doing every now and then without posting a blog every time there was a major updates in the game
- old jomarcenter games forums had been shutdown and new jomarcenter game forums had been up with a new forum provider you may visit it here http://jomarcentergames.forumtl.com/ (to admin if this link is against the rules just remove it)
-and also development had gotten slow lately sorry about that.
-and other updates that i don't want to talk about.

and here is the development updates pic.

thank you very much.


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'Development Completed' is part of your development?
How is this "Announcement" included as a part of development? :o
Guardian of the Description Thread
The one I'm quirking an eyebrow at is: character naming and development is done after the story is written?
Exciting, but ultimately pointless.
I think you're trying to hard to make the promotion of your game resemble an actual commercial product, jomar. No need for flashy pictures and long lists of mundane/unnecessary parts of the development cycle. This is an indie site, you're an indie developer. Take it easy with this stuff or you'll just end up creating more work for yourself than is really necessary.
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