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Nominated in the 2012 Misaos Awards for Best Gameplay Mechanics

Version 2.0 Final (except minor updates) has been released. Download now.
Version 2.2 with new NPCs, and new additions now available.
Version 2.3 coming soon.

A new, next-generation open-world RPG in the Infinity series. The first game in the series being created with VX Ace. Infinity 3 once again features original music from musician Halindir (Vaniardur).

Infinity 1 & 2 were built using the same engine, RPG Maker 2003. In fact, Infinity 2 was pretty much built on-top of the original game. Someone who opened the games in an editor, would see matching scripts, matching events, and matching maps.

Infinity 3 was built using one of the latest versions of RPG Maker. VX Ace. This new engine allows for all-new graphics, new functions, and better gameplay. When compared side-by-side, Infinity 3 will look like a commercial game, next to the original Infinity games.

-Largest and most advanced game in the series.
-New characters, and objectives.
-Improved scripts throughout the game, improving VX Ace.
-Huge world to explore. By foot, by air, and by sea.
-Sail on the high seas.
-Party system. Party members will follow you.
-Character collecting.
-Game-world economy.
-Banking system.
-In-depth NPC conversations.
-Pop culture Easter eggs throughout the game.
-Buy and upgrade multiple houses.
-Own a farm, and play a farming mini-game.
-Holiday-specific dialogue (Some characters know what month it is).
-Unique quests (Like entering the mind of your character).
-Monster battles.
-Choice-based gameplay. Choices you make affect the game-world.
-Marriage to NPCs.

Infinity 3 is the next generation game in the series. It brings new gameplay, returning gameplay, and a more commercial quality feel.

Explore an open world. Take on missions. Battle monsters. Get married. Explore massive open water maps, and become a pirate. Buy and upgrade a house. Grow your collection of characters, and use them not only when walking around, but in battle.

This is the next generation of the Infinity series. Infinity 3.

Released September 1st, 2012

Screenshots are from different versions of Infinity 3 through the development cycle.

Development Thread on Reloaded.org

Latest Blog

Download Directly from RMN

Hello everyone,

After months of players reporting download issues with the old file host, and false malware reports thanks to the host (Sendspace), I'm happy to announce that as of tonight, the final version of Infinity 3 is FINALLY being hosted.. on RMN! You can now download the game directly! It should be much faster now.

Happy downloading.


Infinity 3!
I do believe that's a sub right there <3
Gameplay Video #2: Soterios, Santa Claus, and Menus
I don't like seeing the number of the house.
I don't like seeing the number of the house.

I may remove it. I don't know if it fits, and makes the game world seem more real. It is a pain naming each house on later maps. Hence only a few houses so far are named.
Uploaded new screenshots.

Thanks, bro- but I can clearly see the 5 pictures in my notice box :P
Hehe. But people who aren't subscribed wouldn't.
Hehe. But people who aren't subscribed wouldn't.

I don't think their first action is to look at the main comment posts, but okay.
Spa added in the Merchant Hall.

Hm i Wonder if i can pul somethi goff here/
Way too much clothing in that tub. Swimsuits or nude is my vote.- the sprites have anime anatomy anyway, so no problems there.
Way too much clothing in that tub. Swimsuits or nude is my vote.- the sprites have anime anatomy anyway, so no problems there.

There were actually naked stripper sprites in Infinity 2. lol

So nude could be an option down the road.