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First version of the title screen (resized for more visibility)
  • Avee
  • Added: 07/27/2012 11:19 PM
  • Last updated: 09/22/2023 12:25 PM


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Not bad for a first version, but I don't quite like the shape of the book. I don't know, I have the impression that it should look more like some thick, epic tome, with sparkly bits of magic and stuff... Also, I don't like how it kind of bends. Why is that?
Maybe the sides would look better if they formed a line instead of a curve?
I'll give it a try. I'm not sure I can make the book much thicker though.

The portraits and sprites shown will change and move around the pages.
The book's pages also flip a few times before the titles appears.
Yeah, like, keep the perspective but lose the curvature. Also, to make the book appear 'thicker' make the middle look bulkier. Open a book, one that was sewed(?), not glued(?), and see how it looks like. Also, lose the lines for the pages.
What a gorgeous game! ♥

I altered a bit the coloring of her portrait: The hair is supposed to be light and soft, so it would be wise to use a light and soft palette :D
Soft lines ♪

Also I agree that the book should be thicker, but the angle isn't necesarily wrong, as it depends on the lens you're using.
I think it looks more spacey curved like this! :)

Anyways, beautiful spritework! ;-;

Ah, this is an old portrait using the old palette. The new one will probably be twice the size and better shaped and shaded.

I will also likely make a different intro screen to reflect the new changes in the story.

Thanks for the interest :)
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