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Originally made for the 2011
RMVX.net Free-For-All Contest!

In the land of (insert world name here), four friends are on their way to
the town of Sierra. When suddenly, a princess by the name of Sasha
randomly chooses them to save her and the land from disaster
from an evil man named Shadow.

Sasha (somehow) gives the four weapons and abilities to use,
and sends them off on their way.
Reluctantly, the four go on their quest to save the land.

Adam is a balanced character. He can use Level 1 spells, and has a moderately strong sword. He is a strong leader, and is generally nice to people.

Miranda is a strong character. She has abilities that raise her and the team's attack power, and is the strongest of the four.
She is very smart, and is often needed to calm the team's tensions.

Josh is a magic-type character. He has a low attack power, but very powerful Level 2 spells. He has a very rough and ignorant personality.

Charlie has a weak attack power, but has high HP and good defense. He is also a good healer. He very sarcastic at times, and is very Genre Savvy.

~Princess Sasha~
Underneath that bright smile, you know there's a devil inside.

The antagonist of the game. He is very sarcastic, and has no regard for human life.

~Fast-paced action RPG gameplay
~Four different playable characters
~Difficulty modes
~Punishingly difficult, even on Normal (but not on Sissy)
~Five levels to conquer
~Random enemy placement every time you enter/exit an area
~Humorous story that parodies the RPG genre
~Upbeat music

Notes/Known Bugs
~Credits are in-game.
~The "Sissy" difficulty is by far EXTREMELY easy, though some things you won't be able to get.
But if you're having trouble on the other difficulties, feel free to try this one. You sissy. xP
~Going with above, some things can be unlocked (mainly treasure chests) on certain difficulties.
~The AI can sometimes be annoying, as they can get stuck by a impassable tile. To solve this, just walk toward the
party member, and he/she should follow you back again.
~When you die when enemies are around, and you continue, the enemies will be in the respawn point. They can't hurt you though,
and they'll be gone once you leave the room.
~In the Tutorial, the last four lines say stuff about hot-keying items. DO NOT

I forgot to remove it.

Arrow Keys: Walk
Shift: Run
Esc: Opens up the menu
"A" key: Attack
"S" key: Defend
"E" key:Switch team leader

P.S. The "Extended Edition" will be coming soon! Maybe... *shrugs*

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The title screen has no words on it.
You might have to install a font.
It's Garamond. Just do a quick google search for it,
and you should find it.
Every Garamond font I d/l was somehow corrupted or otherwise unusable and wont paste into my fonts file. Too bad, it seems like it might a good game.
Alright I am 7 years late. I played this game like 6 years ago and you will be shocked that this game is considered Nostalgia to me xD

I don't know if your active but I loved this game back then and now i am redownloading it.
short action rpg. Played on normal. The game is kinda sloppy. Usually when you get into a fight you are gonna be sitting back watching ur 3 teammates run up and melee the enemy to death while you occasionally open the menu to heal them as needed. The undead enemies respawn very fast so you can get stuck in the same area as your AI controlled teammates go backwards to kill these respawning enemies, or you can just rush ahead by yourself. Like ff13, if the char you control dies (but not any of the other 3), the game ends. There are also missing files that crash the game.
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