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This is the official Soundtrack for The Sewers, Made by Thomas. J. Peters!
A huge thank to him!

And we will gladly present that for those who want the soundtrack can look forward to the upcoming bandcamp page.

NOTE: These tracks are COPYRIGTHED! Please ask for permission before using them by:
Asking Hennamann (will ask Thomas. J. Peters, Around one week...)
Or asking Thomas J. Peters,
Email Adresses:
Thomas. J. Peters: petersblues@comcast.net
Hennamann: hennagalaxy@gmail.com

For listening to the soundtrack:
Main Menu Theme/Main Theme: No One Escapes

Exploration Theme: Wandering In The Dark

Monster Theme: It Lurks

In Game Menu Theme: Fear

Game Over Theme: Trapped Inside

Picked Up Item jingle: Something Of Use?

James Theme: James

Thanks to Thomas. J. Peters!

Copyright Hennaman and Thomas. J. Peters 2012