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The Drop - Final Character Intro and Ending (SPOILERS)

  • Deltree
  • 01/02/2014 06:03 PM
This is the beginning and ending sequence for the final story character. Stuff related to "I Miss the Sunrise" is here. The game page for the followup game, "How Far," is coming soon, so all of the important story stuff leading to it is in this video. (There's not a lot. It's a roguelike, after all.)

SPOILER WARNING: Character spoilers for The Drop! All secret characters and the final boss are shown! You have been warned!

(And ignore the map in the final scene. That's a glitch.)

(Play me in HD!)

For posterity, here are all of the quotes spoken by the character as each floor is reached. Quotes in blue are spoken by the Blue One instead.

My Stardraw cannon is drawing more energy than usual. I should take care not to overload it.

These winding halls... what sort of power allowed this to happen?

I have died... once before. Forces sought to bring me back, but, why? And who?

They think me a god. Do they know better now? Though, I did grant them life, and helped build this world...

I've many waiting for what I may discover. I will be long gone by the time they arrive, though...

A second death, brought not by trauma, but by time. I wonder if I can avoid that one as well...

Did the energy of this world cause my resurrection? Or was it something else?

So many things... do not add up. My memory... the creature that killed me. I am missing a critical piece.

In my new life, I often find myself split from my body, it seems. For a brief moment, here or there...

Rumors say a "shra" that resembled my slayer entered these depths. I do not believe he is the one...

I recall... the creature calls me "blue one." I assumed he meant my uniform, but he spoke with such conviction...

This is... I truly am alone with my thoughts, now. It is not as placid as most thinkers would assume...

The energy is strong, now. I feel its ebb and flow. Latent energy, my life's work. This cannot be coincidence.

Time is passing... in steps. In pieces. Not a line. How long has it been already? I am growing anxious...

How will the others find me... find my notes? What if this is all for naught? No. I must press on...

Weary... physically and mentally exhausted... For how much longer does this accursed hole descend?

"Black One." The creature called himself such. Why now, of all times, must I remember that fact?

We created this world, and I nearly destroyed it. Did I truly remain here of my own accord?

My Stardraw arm... it is humming. I have never heard it do such a thing. Is it... pleased?

My body has become loose skin, bone, string. I float alongside. Something stirs within...

Black One. Black. One. Blaaaaack One. Black. Ack. Ack. One.

Any matter, with sufficient pressure applied, can be utterly annihilated. Fact.

Twist. Twirl. Spin? Rotate. Yes... the rotational forces involved would be... No, No.

All these organics... all this... life... ...such a complete waste of matter and energy.

Egh... yes! The feeling of passing through! Of knowing the name of absolute freedom!

What? The pressure has changed. I must be deeper now. A hundred meters or more. When did I...?

Head hurts. Pounding. ...a +ii emitter? No... this is different. I am close...

Mmm. Hmm.

Mmm. Mmmmnheheh. Hmm. In time...