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Natura DC Released!

  • J-L
  • 02/01/2014 09:12 AM
Thanks to Gourd_Clae's incredible beta testing, the Director's Version of the game is more polished than ever and is now available to download!

So what's different? Here, have a look:

- Quick FAQ and in-game Controls screen added.
- Slight changes in the game's soundtrack.
- An overall wave of bug fixes. <3 Gourd_Clae
- An improved translation.
- A revisited, shorter introduction.
- Revisited cutscenes: completely new scenes and some changes to existing ones.
- Disappearance of the more monotone bits of the story. A more homogeneous experience.
- Disappearance of the minor sidequests to favor a more straight-forward plot.
- A change of controls to emulate the more efficient model we came up with for Natura 2.
- The player has now the ability to turn without having to step forward.
- Gameplay balancing: Better stat growth, weapons' damage formula revisited, updated enemy stats, ...
- Gameplay balancing: Non-limited saves, reduced overall stamina cost, improvements in enemy AI, ...
- Gameplay balancing: Improved item distribution, additional shops, equipment buffs and debuffs, ...
- Improved Custom Menu: Visual improvements, includes current objective and amount of money, ...
- A more intuitive A.I.D. system to improve the process of Akk consumption.
- Some new weaponry.
- New character animations.
- A severe map redesign of some of the already existing locations of the game.
- Updated puzzles.
- Updated credits.

Doing this has been really difficult, for it is even trickier to work around an older project than doing things from scratch. However, I felt that it was necessary. Huge thanks to Archeia_Nessiah for her early review, which pointed out many issues that I attempted to correct.

Now it's time to get back to Natura 2...