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Hero-Man is going on an adventure to help as many people as possible in Hero-Land! Join Hero-Man from his humble beginnings in Hero-Town to many fantastic and exotic places such as Ninja Desert and Funky Town. Talk to the residents of Hero-Land and try to help anyone who'll accept your assistance! Examine everything, sometimes secrets and goodies are hidden where you least expect them.

Not everyone in Hero-Land is friendly or in need of assistance, and Hero-Man may end up in combat situations. However, he is mostly non-violent, so you must try to find intelligent ways to use the skills he's learned to win the battle. This makes combat far from a number grind and more like a puzzle. Don't worry - hopefully you'll have made friends along the way who can help. Even if you are defeated, you're always able to try again without losing any significant progress.

Hero-Man started as a series of parodies made with various RPG Makers over the past ten years. From the beginning the series has been designed to include as many references and outright parodies of anything and everything the writer could think of or was suggested. Mostly containing video game references or tropes, this most recent (and first publicly released) version aims to poke fun at as many different subjects as possible across many media. At most it could be given a T rating, but is mostly meant to be family-friendly. Think PG movies or TV shows.

I welcome suggestions or requests for parodies or other inclusions to the game. I'm building on one of the smallest pre-made world maps included in RPG Maker VX Ace, so overall space is limited, but there'll still be plenty of room to include hundreds or even thousands of references. I'm also sticking to mostly RTP resources aside from music. This is so that I may focus on the writing and gameplay rather than fretting over creating or finding decent artwork to use.

As of February 2014, the game is in an early but playable "Alpha" stage. I plan to include a definitive ending to the game, and when it is included the game will have reached a "Beta" version. From there I will continue to flesh out the world and add minor additions to content until it can be considered complete. It is planned so that even if you find the ending (it won't be explicitly shown to the player how to reach it), you can come back to the game to try any new content added since you last ended the game.

Please visit RPG Maker VX Ace to download Ace's RTP if you do not already have it. It is required to play HMVXA.

Latest Blog

Alpha 1.62 changelog

Fixed some major bugs with Rick Keane. In existing saves, you may end up with multiple copies of him in the world. You can still complete his quest, if you just ignore the extra copies.

Fixed enemy skills going so fast that you can't read the descriptions.

Added a hint from the new party member in the tower. Also fixed a minor bug in one of the new party member's skills.
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Well this certainly looks wacky. I'm excited to see where this goes!
I meant to reply to your comment, SgtMettool, when I first saw it but the site crashed my phone's browser. :(

Thanks for your interest, however! I got the first playable version up for you to check out.

Let me know what you think!
I tried it out. The sense of humor is pretty funny, even if it makes no sense. :P Your mapping is good, too. I'm looking forward to seeing future updates!

As for mapping, I'm actually using maps included with VX Ace and just adding stuff to them, so credit for the overall map design goes to EB! or whoever designed their maps.

A small update is going out in a bit which will be accompanied by a blog post describing changes and known issues.
Piano-Man was the greatest thing. He was. The greatest thing. Greatest.
Piano-Man was the greatest thing. He was. The greatest thing. Greatest.

I'm laughing just reading this post and imagining Piano-Man.

Yes, he is fun, and I like the idea of surprises like that. Expect more.

Thanks for playing!
The kid keeps getting in my way and wont let out! I am trapped!
The kid keeps getting in my way and wont let out! I am trapped!

Use shift to run. Move away from the door and quickly run out while he's distracted following you in the room.
I just went back to a previous save and avoided the whole thing. Whats with that bandit guy in the church? The Nurse unheals us then he proceeds to exterminate us and I am not even sure we hurt him at all since theres no gauge or anything to monitor our success (if any) against him.
The king sends us to the Tower but theres just a moving box....and the Hero-man says we might as well come back later.
Ive got 13 eggs but have gone everywhere twice in order to see where more might be...I am guessing the Inn at the other place will allow me upstairs where there will be another egg or two. If not then when other areas of the game are o-ened there will be more eggs.

Helping everyone you can is a major part of the game, so definitely go back in and help Tommy. You can get out if you just lead him away from the exit.

It's not obvious how to help the Nurse, but it is definitely possible. Remember to try every skill you have across all party members, if you are ever stumped in combat. Your goal is never to reduce an enemy's HP to zero. Enemies only deal damage in order to penalize the player for not figuring it out in time OR being unprepared for the encounter.

You'll need a certain party member in order to open the box. Did it give you a note? If not, make sure you download the latest version and try again.

There are at least 15 eggs in the world. Thank you for reminding me to add a few more so it's not so difficult! Remember to check in unusual places, there are some hidden even where there were no interactions before. They should all be in logical places where you might be able to find an egg, but not necessarily where an egg would normally be. It's like an Easter Egg hunt!

Thanks for playing, Roy! Please download the latest version, and I usually recommend starting over if it's not too inconvenient with a new version. To be honest I don't even know how easy or hard it is to carry over saves between versions with the standalone version.
I found an egg in underwear! XD
Laiela: Put the underwear back, Hero-Man. We only need the egg.
Lol swapping disks xD you're working on new version?
Lol swapping disks xD you're working on new version?

Hey! A new version was just uploaded! Check it out! No more swapping discs...
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
random thoughts

lmao the plot and script better of been wrote by a middle schooler or i will cry! :O

why would he give you money for nothing XD even if its to shop at his store makes more sense for him to just give you 5 potions o.o
its all he has anyway!

i don't remember what game,and maybe its because i played a good amount of them...but it feels like this town was ripped from somewhere.
the inside of the pub defiantly was

music from donkey kong country and ffmq!?

that nurse?! :O

the castle was ripped too!? thats in at least 2 or 3 other games!

even after finding the sister you still ask about it at the front desk at the inn


how much you enjoy this will probably depend on how long you have been gaming for.
as its a parody game.
thus not knowing what things are from gives it much less meaning.
i guess even this much later its still a demo
after getting
the ?????? eye from the old man
i could not find anything else to do
there is also the
nurse wanting info? and i never found any hidden codek numbers
really 99 or even 999 is enough for that

that aside alot of maps taken from other projects or otherwise premade didn't help the value of this

as its not even finished,i recommend this to no one
Hello, shayoko!

So uh, heh. You made a pretty comprehensive review of a project that was never finished. Thank you!

There's only one thing I really need to address in your review. None of my maps were ripped from anything else. They are, in fact, included with RPG Maker VX Ace as sample maps! I'm pretty sure I mentioned that somewhere in the descriptions or something, anyway.
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