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GADES: The Sinistral of Destruction. Ever since the beginning, he was loyal
to Daos, but centuries of defeat by Maxim and his descendants has
frustrated him. While Gades remains loyal to Daos, he's grown tired of
serving him and he's begun to loathe him. Over the long past centuries Gades has been severely underestimated.

Gades has his own plans. In secret, he has been building his strength, not just in his power but his mind.
With Daos gone and a new chance at life, Gades is no longer a Sinistral and he's free to make his own choices. He's reassembled his most loyal lieutenants as he seeks to destroy the Others.....


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Gades and Amon are my favorites, but there's something about Gades. I wish that I could put my finger on it...
There is something about Gades that I like too, but I just don't know what it is. I could be the fact that he's usually the first sinistral to get beat up in every lufia gameXD However, this time he seems to be more powerful than he was. What plans do you have for erim? Just don't spoil a lot about it. Its just like when Iris was Erim. I was totally clueless until she revealed herself. I hope to get another twist again soon.
Heheheh,I could tell you but that would be a huge spoiler. Let's just say that she's alive and well and she's the first Sinistral that your party will meet
Is that Lufia II Gades hair at the top and Lufia FOD Gades hair at the bottom, but turned upside down? :)

Gades has always struck the most fear in me as a Sinistral. I think the fact that you fight him first and get slaughtered in the first two Lufia games is used as a huge wake up call and humbling experience to the playable characters involved.
LOL, I guess I never saw it that way. I always wanted to turn his cape black
Has anyone thought of making the sinistrals appear different? In every Lufia game the sinistrals have on new clothing/armor.
Sure, I thought about it. But I didn't want to deal with all the negative comments about how sinister they look or how I should have stayed true to the series. I have slowy changed their looks. Gades was always gonna look this way.
After 8 years, I'm still looking forward to fighting Gades in this game.
LOL these 8 years has been frustrating having to go on & off of this game. Now I have the free time and soon, I hope to have more. I promise that I have slowly but surely been building this game up.
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