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The World is a corrupt place. Ambition is the biggest cause of the World's decay. The plants and animals are dying, monsters are attacking villages, and there's only a few groups determinated to make a difference and fight against the government.

The "Spellbladers", one of those determined groups, are warriors capable of summoning the power of nature with their Katanas. Tired of trying to save the World from total decay and believing that the Emperor is responsible for these problems, they decide to put in action their last hope: Use the mystic power of a woman, the true incarnation of the goddess Izanami. There's only one problem: That woman is the daughter of the Emperor. The Spellbladers must take her out of the Palace walls and awake Izanami's powers that sleep inside her. It is their last hope to save the World.

To make things worse, the Empire sent the most cruel assassins to catch the Spellbladers. Now, while they try to awake Izanami they also have to stay out of the sight of the assassins. As they proceed, the World is filled with more and more monsters, life is vanishing from the world and no one can explain why: But the Empire is hiding something very dangerous. Someone has to do something.


Jubei keeps blaming himself about what happened in his village in the past. He is one of the best warriors of the Spellbladers and is in charge of the capture and to protect the woman said to be the incarnation of Izanami. He strongly believes that the World corruption is about something that the Empire hides. This man is serious and focused on his objectives, but his heart will beat fast for the one he is destinated to protect, even he denying this fact. He uses a Katana as a weapon and his status are very well balanced in therms of physical and magic attacks. His SPELLBLADE techniques summons the power of nature to slash his enemies.

She is the only daughter of the Emperor Toshiozuki. Her mother died five years ago, and she never saw the outside world. Fumiko has a pure and innocent heart. When she was little, her mother used to sang songs to her, calling her a "little orchid". Now, on the eve of her 18 years, she was taken away from the Palace comforts by the Spellblader called Jubei and will face her destiny without knowing that the spirit of Izanami sleeps inside her. Taught by powerful mages since as a child, her SORCERY skills heals and protects herself and her allies.

He is a member of a clan of faceless killers called "Basarers". They do anything for money and no one has ever seen their faces. Tetsuo is one of those unknown mans with a deadly spear in his hand. He was hired by the Emperor to capture the princess and to kill her raptor. That made his destiny cross with Jubei's and this will change the future of both of them forever. Tetsuo HIDDEN ARTS are capable of poisoning, blinding and inflict many other status on his foes.

Fumiko saves this friendly fox and since then, the fox starts follow her. He is a very clever beast and has incredible powers. As time passes Fumiko starts to think that there is some kind of warrior spirit trapped into the fox body. His BEASTLY ARTS uses the clever and intelligence of a mystic animal to buff himself and his allies, besides of being an excellent weapon in battle.

This blind and beautiful woman is Emi, known by many as "the Goddess" because of her affinity with magic. She is very mysterious and is hard to say if she is telling the truth or lying. At first, Emi shows as an enemy of Jubei, but the destiny once again will make they fight for the same reason. Emi is a very powerful witch and summons devastating spells with her MAGIC skills.

Another deadly warrior. Has an incredbly power and agility. Ukyo saw Jubei's face in a wanted post in a town and followed him. He'll join Jubei's quest because he has some issues to resolve with Tetsuo. Ukyo disappear fast as he shows up. He uses two powerful daggers and his NINJUSTU skills to take advantage over the enemies.

- The game is almost free of the default RMVXA animations
- Item Synthesis: Collect loot by defeating monsters or find them everywhere to craft items, weapons, armors and more
- All songs from newgrounds.com
- Sideview Battle System totally customized, fully animated with chars movement, weapon icons, jumps and more
- Lots of side quests and secret places to visit
- The villagers and citizens npcs will not be totally useless: some of them will give you valuable and unique info about item locations, rare monsters and secret places

Feb 05 - Two dungeons fully completed / About two hours of gameplay until now
Feb 06 - Added first demo
Feb 10 - Changed the bio of some characters
Feb 12 - Made some important modifications in the game (check the blog)

Latest Blog

Things are going slow...

...but they'll never stop!

Exams at the school, a new job that's consuming a lot of my time, have to give attention to my GF, and so many other things.

Things are going slow here but they are going at least.

I have another project that's very close to be finished, so, I think I'm going to work on it in my free times to finish it as soon as possible, so, all my free time will be dedicated to TOD. (so, so, so)

I hope you all understand and stay tuned because I'll post my other project here on the next few days. I hope you like zombies. And Resident Evil. And Silent Hill. And... a screen:

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  • RPG Maker VX Ace
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  • 02/04/2013 08:49 PM
  • 11/05/2017 11:42 PM
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*subscribed* I love the original images, Wendeoo! The synthesis shops look very interesting as well.
Thanks for the subscription, I'll constantly make updates about the synthesis system, there is a lot of interesting things about it that I need to share.
You got me hooked when I saw the fox as a playable character.
You got me hooked when I saw the fox as a playable character.

Yes! And you don't have idea of what I'm planning to her :) Stay tuned!
Liberté, égalité, fraternité
Well this looks fun, the guy with the basket on his head is a winner and the Kitsune is icing on the cake.

A couple of things, please let me preface by saying I haven't downloaded the demo; just read through your descriptions and viewed the screen-shots. I'm sure it's just the font you are using but it looks like it's all in CAPS which makes the player think they are being screamed at, which might be a little confronting. Also it's obvious, (from the game description not the screen-shots), that English is not your native tongue, so I'm hoping you've arranged a beta-tester/proof-reader that can help with the grammatical problems that may occur.

Either way I'll grab a copy of the game before the weekend and give it a play-through, it sounds as if I'd enjoy it.
Actually, english is not my native language. For the further demo versions / full game I'll have someone to take care of my mispelling errors. This demo is for me to get some feedback about the gameplay.

I hope you enjoy it and leave your thoughts about it after playing it.
in the town ur looking for shawman..and after u enter blacksmiths house u get this error....unable to find file: graphics/tilesets/tile E
can u fix and reupload ...ty .wrzptorman...aka...alan
in the town ur looking for shawman..and after u enter blacksmiths house u get this error....unable to find file: graphics/tilesets/tile E
can u fix and reupload ...ty .wrzptorman...aka...alan

You don't have the RTP of RMVX Ace? Because I double checked what you mentioned and the missing file for you is exactly the Tile E from the default RTP.

I said at the blog post that the RTP is not included, so, if you install it you can keep playing.

Another guy had the same problem, he installed and the problem was solved.
Liberté, égalité, fraternité
Ok I downloaded and played the demo, as requested here are my thoughts.

There are a few grammar errors, nothing that prevents you from understanding the direction of the story but they do take away from the presentation. Simple things like using it's when it should be its and vice versa, vigilance when it should be guard, that sort of thing.

No shields? I can understand with the Princess she wields a bow, but Jubei uses a katana and they can be used either one or two-handed. In the same theme shouldn't Kitsu be dual-wielding? He doesn't only have one paw, he'd attack with both sets of claws.

You need to lose the 'Battle Start' graphic at the beginning of each battle. It's obvious what is happening and the graphic is intrusive, also your battle area takes up quite a small portion of the screen, there is a fair amount of black space below it, perhaps integrate the battle actions section into the battleback graphic.

I like the individual responses from the monsters, slimes run away, snakes chase and attack, that's a great touch. The music is well suited to the scenes too, though you may want to adjust the volume of the backgrounds sounds a little, there are times when the bird chirping is louder than the music.

You may need a little bit of an explanation on the crafting options. The ones in the item shop work OK, since the shop keeper is doing them for you but in the weapon/armour store it's a little confusing. Things like you need to unequip your weapons and armour in order to be able to see them in the crafting section. THe NPC's in the towns are well done, I'm thinking Yugo at this moment. They are helpful without lecturing but by and large they don't care about the 'quest of the hero', they are more worried about making sure the harvest is successful (and yes I know that is linked to the quest, but they don't know that). It's realistic.

Do the emperor's troops tend to take the an eye as a souvenir from the rebels? It's just the first two characters you meet both have a missing eye, if the troops do that could be an interesting inclusion to the feel of the world.

I had a couple of 'disposed bitmap' errors whilst playing, but a restart from last save seemed to fix them so I'm not sure I could repeat them for you to track down. Though one did happen when I went into Suran Forest area 3 the first time from the base (not after escaping the palace).

Anyway I played for a couple of hours, and I enjoyed it, so please keep going. I look forward to playing it when it is done.
Hey nhubi, thank you so much for the small review. I'm considering everything you pointed and some things I've already started to fix and improve.

Thank you so much and I'm glad you enjoyed it.
Liberté, égalité, fraternité
No problem, I actually went back to the game afterwards and realised I was about 10 minutes from the end of the demo, so I got there.

One thing you do have to watch is your use of personal pronouns. During the conversation when Kitsu becomes part of the team Jubei points out to Fumiko that 'she' is a 'he' (that exchange was wonderful in its awkwardness), but then as they walk away Jubei refers to the the claw on 'her' paw. Since you've made such a point about the gender of the fox, you do need to keep it consistent.

Anyway like I said looking forward to seeing where this goes, so I've subbed.
Dunno, when I enter the blacksmith's house at Yogo, the game tells me that its unable to find Graphics/Tilesets/TileE. Did my download got corrupted or something? That's the point where I get stuck now.

I found some aspects are noticeably interesting like manner teaching (You can't just merely take things in someone's house), Princess is let unharmed, slimes run away, etc. But there's things that's pretty frustrating especially fleeing. I mean, no invincibility periods from encountering so I can escape peacefully?!

Let me track this game, 'kay? ;)
wltr3565: You had the same problem as an other guy. You have the RTP from the RPG Maker VX ACE installed? If yes, go to the directory that it is installed and make a copy of the tileset INSIDE C and rename it to TileE. That'll do the trick. I've already fixed that, since there's a few people with this same problem.

All those aspects you mentioned I did to make my game a little more... different than usual. The guards that do not attacks the princess, the fact that you cannot take objects from other peoples houses, weaker enemies will run away and the more aggressive ones will run faster and the neutral ones will do nothing, you'll only battle if you touch them, and etc. There's a lot more of exclusive things I'm adding, like, a dog in another town that follows you for a short period if you talk to him.

About fleeing there is no way. If you run, when you get back to the map you have to keep running! No invincibility time, just run for your life! You may enter the battle again but if you keep trying you can run away, the chances of fleeing are high in my game.

Well, so, I hope you keep playing it and give me your thoughts about it after finishing the demo. Thank you so much, I'm glad you liked it until now.
I'm drawn to this, so I think I'll subscribe. And play the demo.
The princess not attacked part and etc is actually what I praise though. I know, the guards aren't attacking the princess, that's the attention of detail of this game. I like how you pay attention on such details. And really, about the fleeing, at least can I get invincible for 1 seconds? As I run sideways, I still get bullied...
Now I knew the meant tileset, now I can continue :)

Ah, I've reached the end of the demo. I hate those scorpions. They ruthlessly blocks my path, always >:( I can say that I like the plot and Jubei's personality. But the gameplay could be crafted better. Maybe faster pace of animations will make button mashing less tedious? The writing for the dialogues could be improved more too. If only each of the characters had distinct style of speech. Grammar is to be considered as well. Anyway, the demo presents well :)
wltr3565: You had the same problem as an other guy. You have the RTP from the RPG Maker VX ACE installed? If yes, go to the directory that it is installed and make a copy of the tileset INSIDE C and rename it to TileE. That'll do the trick. I've already fixed that, since there's a few people with this same problem.

I don't know about that. I had the same problem, and had to apply the fix you mentioned.

Anyway, I played and liked it. It's full of RPG cliches and the gameplay is grindy, but the feudal Japan flavor + Fox sells it. It's one of those games I'd probably play through to completion just for those reasons alone. Keep at it :)

Here's a small list of thoughts...
-Some letters are cut off by the current font. It doesn't make it unreadable though.
-What does make it unreadable at times is the major lack of punctuation. Get your dialogue a second opinion!
-Personally, I think the fanfare music doesn't follow the battle theme very well. It's kind of jarring.
-I'm not a fan of having to equip the pickaxe to use it, but after being swarmed by enemies while banging away at minerals and having to fight them with it equipped, I can see why you have it that way.
-Torches don't help very much. A bigger light radius would be nice. Even if it's just one tile more.
-The love angle developed too quickly. With a little subtlety, you could make it blossom more convincingly.
like the look and sound of this one. subbing it.
Is this project still alive? :/
Japan themed RPG demo. The game had lots of features I liked, but difficulty is on the tough side. Died a few times to the snakes in the start of the game, since they aggro on you and the forest is pretty cramped. Fleeing is pretty useless since there are no mercy invulnerability and aggro enemies can easily restart the battle. Aggro enemies also stay aggro'd even after you go to another area, which is kinda annoying. Lots of side areas and bonus items, as well as chests. There's also an extensive amount of craftable items, which looked pretty powerful. Too bad demo is not long enough to take advantage of this. Overall game is pretty good, but ends in a pretty bad spot (in the middle of a dongeon)
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