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(Demo Updated) 64-Bit, Spears, World Generator Adjustment

This update now uses the 64-bit build of the engine. This allows me to use more than 2GB of RAM, and more importantly, will allow future modders to use more than 2GB of RAM. The engine makes an attempt to reduce the amount of RAM the client uses, but I'll be able to implement more complex algorithms and features with the extra space.

The 64-bit engine also has a noticeable increase in performance speed. This varies per game and may even vary across types of CPUs.

I also included some fixes, spears as a new weapon type, and a way to keep peaceful enemies from clogging up the home biome.

You can download the new version using the button up there.


- Enemies that follow you to your home zone will be instantly obliterated now
- Difficulty now changes according to biome
- Fixed a bug that prevented you from closing the help menu in some situations
- Adjusted the size of generated houses and fixed the height placement for many parts (stops placing them sunken into the ground so often)
- Added the copper and obsidian spear
- Added spears as a new weapon type
- Fixed a bug where lights were lighting characters through walls
- Engine has been upgraded to 64-bit
- Can now change the audio quality in terms of sampling rate
- Fixed a bug where the game crashes when you try to use the bow with the Frost power
- Various small fixes were made