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Second Early Access Update

The engine has been upgraded to support other translations of the game! In multiplayer, the chat now uses a different system that supports text written in other languages. New translations can be made following the example template in the "trans" folder. A guide on that will come soon.

Another major update is the ability to connect some objects to each other to form mechanisms and traps. I've got a video on this here:

Of course some of the new content will require you to recover scrolls instead of tablets. In explore (or multiplayer) mode, the map has been extended to the north. Head to the top and you'll see an entrance to the next map. You'll find the scrolls if you dig around in the temple ruins, but look out for some tougher enemies!

The movement speed has been re-balanced so you move faster with higher agility, but weight will burden you more. If you want to keep your speed, you'll have to avoid equipment with weight on it. Equipment to fill in the two empty slots have been added as well.

A new short side-quest has been added to chapter 1 in story mode, just find the raccoon that's obsessed with gems.

- [NEW] Added a new quest "The Walls Have Eyes" if you ask the gem-crazy raccoon in the village on how to get more gems
- [NEW] Added the Pedestal, the Column, and the Capital you can craft and stack in many ways with themselves or other objects/blocks
- [NEW] Added the lion Statue you can craft out of marble
- [NEW] Added the Bronze Gate which can only be opened from connected objects (like pressure plates) and toggles its state
- [NEW] Can now craft Wood Hammer, a lighter quicker hammer that's good if you just need it to break stone blocks
- [NEW] Can now craft Hand Wraps as the first hand equip, they raise your minimum damage
- [NEW] Can now craft Rough Sandals to increase movement speed a tiny bit
- [NEW] Added the lizard-like Gigran that shocks anyone who strikes it with melee weapons
- [NEW] Added the Dart Trap as the first trap, it will damage both you and enemies
- [NEW] Added the Bronze Tool for linking props together (pressure plate to door, door to door, etc.)
- [NEW] Added the sandstone pressure plate that activates when a character walks on it
- [NEW] Can now do emotes in multiplayer: /love /happy /mad /worry /... /! /?
- [NEW] Added Potent Essence, the first thing to unlock using scrolls
- [NEW] Added the Temple POI on this new map so you can collect scrolls
- [NEW] Appended explore/multiplayer with an entrance to the next era map located north
- [NEW] Added Clear Gel as the uncommon material drop from the toxic jelly enemy
- [NEW] Added the toxic Jelly enemy that inflicts poison and leaves behind toxic liquid when defeated
- [NEW] Added poison liquid blocks that damage and poison anything that touches it
- [NEW] Added a system that allows you to create and select game language translations
- [NEW] Upgraded the multiplayer chat to support UTF-8 so you can read and write in any language
- [QOL] The value for movement that is displayed with your stats is now more accurate and reflects final, actual speed
- [QOL] Game now displays a warning if it drops to 25FPS or below (issues may occur that low)
- [QOL] Added a black outline to all the POI icons to make them easier to see on the map
- [FIX] Fixed a bug where sometimes NPCs will attempt to attack you instead during scripted battles
- [FIX] Fixed a rare crash that was occuring with props that require suitable ground under them
- [FIX] Fixed a bug that prevented you from getting out of bed in some situations
- [FIX] Fixed a bug where you would sometimes heal for twice an amount or take damage for twice an amount in single player
- [FIX] Improved the code around where music is chosen to prevent crashing when entering a multiplayer world
- [FIX] Improved the code around where sound effects get played to prevent crashing
- [ADJ] Increased the affect of higher agility on speed, but also adjusted burden to slow you down more
- [ADJ] Enemies will no longer attack your placeholder while you sleep in a bed
- [ADJ] Dropped items now float atop any liquid that hurts you (lava, poison, etc.)
- [ADJ] Increased the maximum world size to 64 (from 24) which is more than 7 times larger (worlds over 32 will cause long save times)


First Early Access Update (Includes improved controller support!)

The first Early Access update (Rev. 40) is here! Quite a few fixes and adjustments are included. Along with them is improved support for controllers. There's the beginnings of stats and achievements and various things to grow. For the world generator, more was added and you'll now earn EXP for clearing out points of interest. Lastly, a handful of adjustments were made to make the interface easier to read in terms of actions you can take with props and when crafting something results in a bundle of items instead of just one.

- [NEW] You will now gain some EXP every time you clear an area like an altar or a cave
- [NEW] Added more to the world generator, especially for the volcano map
- [NEW] Grass blocks will now grow onto adjacent dirt blocks over time
- [NEW] Added the Ascor Fruit that you can also grow, but heals your EP instead of your HP
- [NEW] Added the Toma Fruit you can find, trade for seeds with NPCs, plant and grow (requires water to be next to the plant)
- [NEW] Can now collect saplings from trees and plant them for more trees (they won't grow if you're too close to them, however)
- [NEW] Added an achievement for defeating the thermophile in single player mode
- [NEW] Started steam stats by adding a few miscellaneous stats
- [NEW] Added a new music track that plays during the daytime on a map 20 units in size or larger
- [NEW] Added the Bronze Axe as an upgraded axe
- [NEW] Added the Spark orb giving you lightning attacks with spears, bows, and hammers
- [NEW] Redid the control config menu and controller support to work a lot better (properly functioning d-pads, etc.)
- [ART] Edited dog's dialog (Changed parts I didn't feel were quite in character and made the whole scene easier to follow)
- [ART] Edited Kati's dialog (Needed to show creature attacks are so frequent they're a chore to Kati)
- [QOL] You're now shown more info and it's more obvious when a particular recipe will give you multiple of an item at once (bundles)
- [QOL] Item stats are now simply displayed instead of projecting what changes, for this particular game it was getting dizzying
- [QOL] Made the crafting menu easier to see if opened outside the menu (K key or at a station)
- [QOL] Improved the readability of the interaction prompt (it no longer only says "check" for all props)
- [QOL] Made the prompt to check (showing you what key you currently have set to examine) more noticeable
- [QOL] Can now switch weapons and tools using the mouse wheel
- [QOL] You can now craft things that require only your hands at any station without having to close the menu and reopen
- [FIX] Fullscreen under Windows was changed to be full window mode, should be more stable now
- [FIX] Fixed the ability for enemies to see you, they were seeing you through walls in some situations
- [FIX] Characters and enemies should stop jumping so much in water now, was getting annoying
- [FIX] Fixed prompt text being drawn over prompt text in the knowledge menu when you don't have any tablets/etc.
- [FIX] Improved the code around where the inventory is opened during multiplayer to prevent crashing
- [FIX] Fixed an occasional bug that was causing you to spend double EP in single player
- [FIX] Re-adjusted how the various forms of special attacks (from orbs) calculate their damage
- [FIX] The value for current ether damage (shown above your regular damage) was fixed to be more accurate
- [FIX] Fixed the world generator as it was placing the ending exit to the volcano too high to reach
- [FIX] Can now interact with props (doors, etc.) while standing on a ramp
- [FIX] Fixed the bug in multiplayer where players weren't actually spending EP or ammo serverside
- [FIX] Fixed a bug where doing more damage to a block than HP it has left wrap-around and gave it 200+ HP
- [FIX] Various small fixes


LandTraveller has been released into Early Access

After many years, LandTraveller has finally made it into Early Access!

You can view the store page here:


LandTraveller now has a Store Page on Steam


It's got a store page now! If everything goes well, it will come out June 9th.


Quick Reference

I've added a system that generates HTML from the currently loaded game data in a quick reference guide format. You can check it out here: http://landtraveller.com/quickref/

I like being very concise, but I have a few more things I want to add to this quick reference guide later. Things like an enemy list and links that let you jump to referenced objects (like when it lists stat changes at the top right).

These are all things found in the development version and not the August public 21.1 demo that downloads on the website or from the button.


It's finally here - Vote for LandTraveller on Steam Greenlight

Steam Greenlight page: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=744567507

I've finally reached the point where I can post a Steam Greenlight trailer. This game will enter a private alpha phase during and after being voted upon on Steam Greenlight. At some point after it is accepted on Steam Greenlight, it will enter Early Access. Go ahead a take a look!


(Demo Updated) New Enemies, AI Upgrades, Health Pickups

This update is a bit bigger this time. Changes were made to the game mechanics and balance, and two new enemies were added. Previously unimplemented mechanics such as weight and elemental effect were also added.

Enemies have been given a large upgrade to their AI. If you escape them, they will pathfind their way to you in an attempt to continue the pursuit. To escape them, you'll now have to keep going for a bit to lose them.

As you gain proficiency in various things, you'll notice an increase in your attack speed or crafting speed for the specific weapon/tool or crafting type. There will be specific abilities to unlock later, but this should make leveling proficiency more rewarding for now.

This was never intended to be a survival game, so I've also added HP and EP restoring pickups that can drop from enemies. This makes it easier to explore if you're good enough not to make too many mistakes. However, I removed the bed's ability to heal you outside the home zone. Outside the home zone, it will just make a checkpoint for you to respawn at. If you're in danger near enemies, it won't work altogether.

You can download the new version using the button up there.

- Added a new enemy that attacks up close with fire "Megrin"

- HP and EP restoring pickups can now drop from enemies
- Proficiency now increases attack speed (for weapons) or crafting speed (for specific crafting)
- Weight now affect speed and attack speed, don't try to equip things too heavy for your character
- Made it easier to see which abilities you have active or not in the menu
- Different enemies will now appear according to the current difficulty level
- Added a new beetle-like enemy "Oberotn" that fires ranged attacks at you
- Enemies will no longer get stuck on trees
- Multiple enemies will no longer stack into the same spot, appearing as only one
- Altars will now appear out in the open with a group of enemies and typically a single loot box
- Another music track was added and now music changes on situation during game (day and night for now)
- Beds no longer heal you outside your home zone, and you won't be able to use them at all if an enemy can see or is chasing you
- Fixed a bug that could potentially crash the engine and corrupt save data in future versions of the game
- Enemies can now pathfind and hunt you down when they lose sight of you
- Various fixes were made


(Demo Updated) 64-Bit, Spears, World Generator Adjustment

This update now uses the 64-bit build of the engine. This allows me to use more than 2GB of RAM, and more importantly, will allow future modders to use more than 2GB of RAM. The engine makes an attempt to reduce the amount of RAM the client uses, but I'll be able to implement more complex algorithms and features with the extra space.

The 64-bit engine also has a noticeable increase in performance speed. This varies per game and may even vary across types of CPUs.

I also included some fixes, spears as a new weapon type, and a way to keep peaceful enemies from clogging up the home biome.

You can download the new version using the button up there.


- Enemies that follow you to your home zone will be instantly obliterated now
- Difficulty now changes according to biome
- Fixed a bug that prevented you from closing the help menu in some situations
- Adjusted the size of generated houses and fixed the height placement for many parts (stops placing them sunken into the ground so often)
- Added the copper and obsidian spear
- Added spears as a new weapon type
- Fixed a bug where lights were lighting characters through walls
- Engine has been upgraded to 64-bit
- Can now change the audio quality in terms of sampling rate
- Fixed a bug where the game crashes when you try to use the bow with the Frost power
- Various small fixes were made


(Demo Updated) Powers, Options, Light Quality, Fixes

I've added several new things and fixed a few issues with multiplayer. You'll notice you can access the options on both the main menu and in-game, and that you even have options for things like volume and light quality. You can gain frame rate by reducing the light quality, or your can increase it if you have a strong enough CPU.

I've also added the first craftable powers. Now anyone can use powers as secondary attacks with their weapon, not just foxes and deer.

You can download the new version using the button up there.

- Added options menu where you can now also adjust sound & music volume, and dynamic light quality

- Fixed a bug that still allowed you to examine and use props while defeated
- Fixed a visual bug where side mounted lit torches on floors above you were still visible on lower floors
- Greatly increased the speed you gain proficiency in smelting, blacksmithing, and assembling (on table)
- Added a power: Flame
- Added a power for everyone to craft and equip as an orb: Frost
- Added Dense Essence which will be involved in crafting various things, usually orbs
- Added item previews, names, descriptions to the learning menu (where you spend the clay tablets, etc.)
- Added another song track for when you're wandering the overworld
- Added the Red Flower Pin as a fashion item
- Implemented fashion item slots for such equipment to change the appearence of your worn gear
- Now you'll occasionally find scrap metal and electronics from whoever knows where
- Houses that generate in the world now look abandoned, and the front is always clear of blocks
- Added the macuahuitl sword to unlock, craft and use
- Props now shake when damaged and the HUD+screen shakes when you take damage
- Added a countermeasure against the server jamming when someone with a weak connection attempts to join
- Various small fixes were made


Steam Group

The public alpha test is back open! You can join the Steam Group here:


There, you will be notified when the public alpha server and client are updated. This test doubles as a demo. This is what I believe Early Access should be: there's a free demo for you to follow along the game's development, and if it is going the way you like, you would decide to buy the final product off Steam. With all the bad Kickstarters and Early Access projects lately, I hope this is a reminder of how speculative game development used to work.
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