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PROJECT P: ESCAPE FROM CASTLE NUNWI is a short game made in about a week for a secondary school (high school) Philosophy class back in 2006. In it, you either take control of Desmond (Descartes) or Dave (Hume) and try to escape from the Castle of the Evil Sorcerer Nunwi, recruiting friends and battling philosophical foes on the way!


* A stunning cast including:
Dave Hume, Desmond Descartes, Socrates, the evil demon of hyperbolic doubt, Bob the Chicken, Witty G, Kaptain Kierke, Buddha-Lite, Neecha, Achilles AND MORE!

* Many philosophical references!

* Six playable characters, including one secret character!

* Eight philosophical face-offs!

* Two different endings!

* Exactly one minigame!

* An award-winning soundtrack including:
Joy Division, Enya, Interpol, Techlectia AND MORE!

* Hours (or just "hour") of fun!

* Replayability -try and get a final score of 100%!


To play the game, copy the folder marked "ESCAPE FROM CASTLE NUNWI" onto
your computer after unzipping the PROJECT P directory downloaded from the
game's download page.

Open it up, and double-click the icon marked 'RPG_RT' to start the game.

In-game, use the ARROW KEYS to navigate, press to go forward/select
and press to go back/open the main menu.


EFCN, to the best of my knowledge, will not run on Macs (unless you can
ghost-run Windows on your Mac). It will only work on Windows.

If the fonts appear weird, your may need to copy the font files in the
game folder marked 'Fonts' into the font folder on your computer, found in
the Control Panel, in order to fix them.

If you can't hear the music, you may need to turn up the MIDI volume,
or 'SW synth' volume, on your computer's audio adjustment panel.


Each character, except a certain doctor, has one super special move, IN CAPITALS, which costs just over half of their FP to use.

If you want to win battles, you will have to use your special moves.

Different opponents are weak to different characters,and vice versa.

There are a total of four special fallacies you can find
in the game, which act as one-use-only super special moves. Each
one is especially effective against one opponent you will
face in the game. Try to guess which.

If you play as Hume, you MUST pick up the contradictory fallacy
outside the castle. If you don't, you won't be able to beat the
demon of doubt.

It is recommended that you get Bob before trying to fight Kaptain Kierke
or Witty G.

It is recommended you go right before left on the ground floor.

At the end of the game you will be given some interesting information that
will help you out when you play the second time...

On playing the game from the beginning the second time, choose different answers
to the preliminary questions, it will make the game less similar to your first

Try to get a 100% score (v. difficult) and to unlock the alternate versions of the endings (you don't HAVE to win the final boss battle, by the way...)

When you complete the game, TALK TO THE STATUE ON THE LEFT at the entrance to
Castle Nunwi on your second time through.


This game was made for a secondary school Philosophy class
by one person over in total about one week.
It is not perfect, and it has bugs, typos and
inconsistencies -please be gracious! It is also full of
in-jokes from MCS L6 Philosophy Set Two (One), class of 2006,
which may make some of the humour obscure.

Enjoy the game!

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Final score: 91/100

Interesting concept. But most battles feel like they last too long, or you have to go all out with the FP-heavy things and then it becomes a game of using that thing over and over and replenishing FP to stand a chance. Didn't find much use for the status moves (except Buddha seemed to sleep a lot) and I didn't get a good grip on what the Baffled status did.
It's also extremely dumb and unfair that the "final boss" (first of three) can use a move that wipes out the whole party in one shot. Had to redo the battle three times until he didn't use it. The other two I knocked out on my first try.

There were some typos, I didn't keep track, but Socrates was spelled Socartes once in the beginning. That's forgivable. What isn't forgivable is listing music in any format that isn't Artist - Title. The end credits scroll hit me in my pet peeve weak spot.
You the practice of self-promotion
Intrigued ... I'll give it a try.
RSW= feedback so here goes, notes as I go along.
-Introductory choosing stage options are a bit long and random, making starting the game a bit “ehh” sort of feeling.
-Text, which seems it would be important to tell what the heck is going on with battle (with the “special” nature of the skills) goes too fast and I can barely catch anything.
-Well, the second boss is already a pain. It seems a lot of the questions assume I should know things I obviously do not. If it’s asking me about philosophy…I honestly can’t be arsed to look it up, honestly.
-After losing a couple times I just answered mostly at random till I was allowed to fight him.
-At the third boss (cowboy) I made it past the synonym test and lost the battle. I’m not too interesting so I’ll leave it there.

Well, honestly it was okay for what it is, but I’m too disinterested at the moment to THINK (much less boot up google and search) to keep playing.

A few things that generally damage the experience: skills have no real descriptions to their effects, which leaves me wondering what the fuck is it that they do, besides damage.
Text dispays in combat also go too fast to tell what the heck is going on, so that doesn’t help at all to make combat engaging (it wasn’t, I had no idea of what I was doing, basically).

Mapping was sufficient (more like non existent but I understand the game wasn’t going for great maps), sound was…slightly grating, but nothing intolerable. Writing was amusing (it had some weak spots but nothing that bad), but sometimes the jokes went way over my head as I had no context or knowledge of what was going on. Granted, this could be simply because I’m an idiot.

All in all, an amusing game. Had I more brains or an interest in the subject I would have enjoyed it more, but as it is I wasn’t really in the mood and lost interest quite quickly.

In any case, good job on finishing this! It’s a pity it was not within my interests, but that doesn’t make it a bad game. Some aspects can definitely be improved, but still a good job within the time constraints and all.

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