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YAY, finished my very first game!

Can't believe I finally did it, but I guess after numerous attempts and downscaling every single time, you're bound to finish something at one point. :O

While it is quite short at around 20 minutes, there is some replayability, like different starters and 3 hidden Finstermen.
But most importantly, I'd like to know what people think of the battles, items, skills and stuff!

Any kind of feedback is much appreciated.

Edit: Forgot to mention that no RTP is required, and the project is not encrypted, in case someone wants to see how I did a few things.


That last 10-15%

Turns out that actually finishing a game instead of just leaving it at ~85-90%, because it's playable from start to finish, takes a lot of work and effort.

When I made the game page 3 months ago, you could already play through FinsterMen from beginning to end. It just needed a "few" more things here and there plus some "polish"...which drained motivation quite quickly and I took a break, working on it only now and then.

BUT, I somehow made it through and now I am at ~98% (making up percentages is fun! Go on, try it out for yourself) with a release being imminent! Sometime next week to be precise.

Also, I finally managed to make a titlescreen (one of my worst nightmares):

Till next weeeeek~
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