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Extended demo coming soon

  • Yeaster
  • 01/12/2011 07:24 AM

I've been swamped with a bunch of other stuff, so I haven't really been using RPGM much lately, but I've been still working on stuff here and there.

I picked Vanity back up for the first time since..........................May, I think (and I only did a village then), thanks to some encouraging messages over the past year. Thus, I now feel compelled to finish it. I'm over halfway through, so if all goes well, I hope to have it done by the end of this year, if I work on it a little each day.

But until then, I want to put out an extended demo to replace the old demo. I feel kind of ashamed of it, to be honest, and I want to show how much the game has *grown* since then.

Some stuff about the new demo:
- It's twice as long (the original demo wasn't that long, don't worry)
- You get to actually choose your pathways
- Balance issues will be fixed
- Plot-holes/dialogue issues addressed
- I changed the way some of the pictures were presented to give them a slightly more...'unified' look, if you will.
- There will be a 'chart' that you can access from your menu screen that will explain the strengths and weaknesses of each element (since the game doesn't use traditional elements like "fire, water...etc".
- A new title screen

And of course, the mainstays:
- Colored arrows to direct you to your next destination (in addition to hints)
- When backtracking you can skip battles - meaning you won't have to free from the same enemies over and over

...And a bunch of other stuff. Since it's still a demo, it probably won't be *that* polished, BUT hopefully it will be better than it was before.

Night all (or good morning...?!)

- Yeaster

PS: The file size maybe over a 100, but it shouldn't get any larger than that by the time the game is done.