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Mario is once again called upon to save the day, this time by defeating the evil King Wart and rescuing Princess Peach. Wart's dream magic has trapped Mario and co. in an alternate dimension full of nasty obstacles, perilous stages, and jumps that are going require a little bit more than faith.

Play as Mario/Luigi through 8 levels of fantastic challenge and fun, collecting stars, battling enemies, and clearing tangles of platforms and spikes. It is up to you to traverse these worlds, and help return everyone safe and sound to Mushroom Kingdom!

This is my first SMBX game. I'm an amateur through and through, but hopefully this game is built up to snuff to provide a few hours of decent entertainment. If you like to jump a lot--A LOT--then this is the game for you! :D

Feedback/criticism welcome. If you do not already have the SMBX engine (which is required to play this game), download it at http://rpgmaker.net/engines/smbx/

Afterward, extract the Mario Bros. Chaos levels into a new folder in the SMBX folder named "worlds". Enjoy!

Happy Playing Y'all! :D

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Hello, I'm trying to play this awesome looking game but when I tried to start the game, it will give me the error. "Run-time error 53 File not found" Am I missing something?
9 levels, medium difficulty but I was playing pretty badly. Try it if u want some short and simple mario.
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