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Version 1 - Plenty of game-breaking problems... still.

So today I had released a version with quite a number of errors in it. I wouldn't recommend it be downloaded for the time being until these problems are resolved.

Sorry again, I'll get em all patched up for v1.1


- There are multiple ways to go about playing the game... Because of this, a new bug arose (conditional if you happened to do the main story before sub goals) which prevents the player from going any further.
- The combination lock for the power maintenance can't be discovered because the switches for the boiler room won't turn on... I forgot to change the settings for the event to "same as char".
- The morgue storage has a major problem. a switch won't turn on preventing the player from going any further (It was working before.. but the update to increasing the timer destroyed that).

Again, I am really sorry about all this! I'll get it all patched up ASAP~!!