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The world of Morphos Metaphor is set in the city of Kirimori, where supernatural events challenge the peace of its residents. Locals stir the rumored sightings of ghosts and shadows at sunset, the police receive monthly reports of missing people, and comatose has become a prevalent case among the patients rushed in most of the city's hospitals.

You are a student in Kirimori City's prestigious institution, Higashimori High School. The school prides itself with its high quality of education, living up to the school's firm belief that the best education can be attained, but only to those who have the potential to succeed.

Kirimori is a place where mystery and illusions embraces the city at night, although, there are no secrets which forever remain hidden, for the Arcana is the means by which all is revealed.

- Morphos Metaphor Intro Statement

A short project created in a month for a story event. Morphos Metaphor is based off of Shin Megami Tensei, but establishes it's own setting and lore to set it apart.

In this entry, a group of high school students close in on an abandoned hospital building to investigate and drive off the supernatural forces holed up within.

Mechanics Stuff

Gameplay is mostly standard RPG fare. Walk through maps and progress through story events. Items can be looted throughout, so keep an eye out.

The battle system is fairly standard as well. There are really only two mechanics to take note of. Awakening and Skill Boost.

When the purple diamond next to a character's GUI fills completely, they can use the Awaken command. This commands boosts all stats, restores HP/SP, and restores all cooldowns. However it costs a turn to perform, so be aware.

Skill Boost is a mechanic that allows characters to combine skills with one another. There is no in game reference, so the only way to know is to experiment with skill combinations. Here are a few freebies though.

Ice Dance + Garula = Ziodyne

Magarula + Hama = Megidolaon

Mighty Swing + Herculean Strike = Akasha Arts

...The rest? Good luck finding them out.

Other Stuff

- There is a hidden boss located somewhere in the game.

- There are no shops. Enemies drop items at a low rate and most items are found from looting the environment. It's a game of attrition.

- There are some minor hiccups throughout, but nothing gamebreaking as far as we know. Our times up anyway, so-

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  • RPG Maker VX Ace
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  • 10/31/2013 04:04 AM
  • 10/09/2023 02:42 PM
  • 10/27/2013
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The art and BGs in this game are freaking bawss.
Oh hey it's here :D
My SMT flags are kicking in.

I have good hopes for this... downloading :3
Dang. First battle and I've already gotten Game Over thrice D: I suck at this game obviously.

Nice HK title screen btw.
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looks amazing :D
ive only seen art that nice from one other makers games so far
the person who made the world outside,avarice,aetherion(spelling)
but the annoying Virus warning is popping up so ill try to re dl it later
I can assure you it's not a virus. Your firewall is just raising false alarms over it being an EXE.

But thank you. The people I worked with for this are all amazing artists.
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
tried downloading it again it seems to be fine this time
on on note for the virus if interested

note i have nortin suite as AV -this particular virus(suspicious cloud 7) which is not something youd want to be infected with has popped on on almost half the games on this site ive tried to dl
then i wait a bit and dl it again and it has no virus the same download to o.o
this particular one is detected as soon as the dl starts and removes w/e it was that it says its infected then continues downloading
once downloaded it says some error about making sure i had the correct version of the program E.G 32 bit x86 or something like that
and it wont work
i used to be risky with such things but just from watching a streamed video once my pc got a terrible virus which ruined it to the point the only thing i could so was open folders and look at pictures that were on it
no exe files worked,could not install anything could not browse the internet for help and the C drive literally was not detected
so even if i want to believe its safe i want to be cautious too poor to afford a new pc if i need to atm :3

well 5 minutes in between the drawings the menu and the awesome character personality's which make me love anime! im already blown away and i have not even done anything yet this game so far is epic...

after playing more this is a pretty tough game lol getting 1 hit killed left and right
but i think the enemy scan/study thing may have flaws unless im mistaken
the glimmering eye and the aphotic one are mixed?
id figure the monster that looks like a giant eye would be the glimmering eye but its not?
Ah yes, Scan doesn't exactly correspond to enemy positions from what I can tell. Strange enough though. I'll have it looked in time. Thanks for letting me know.

As for the battle difficulty, you can circumvent that by doling out your turns wisely and using skill boosts. At this moment, I know that the RNG can be kind of aggravating, but that's the general rule. Also exploiting weaknesses helps.
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i tried the weakness thing with scan but it says a monsters weak to fire then i use it and its like resist wth XD
not to mention how often the characters miss compared to the enemy XD
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
playing a bit more today ive been putting it off due to how tough it is lol...
ok i understand how the weakness thing works the 2 characters that have the inspect ability click attack to highlight the enemy then press shift which activates this skill
sadly as you said the positions does not match the enemy
but i did confirm that the A????? eye monster which is the huge red eye it says for this monster fire is a weakness but its actually a resistance so fix that if possible

what does agility do in this seems like its set turns so i don't see a effect
^related to that suggest some way to learn what each stat does and each element like the lightless monster is resistance to some clear box yet i have no idea what that is lol

how does skill boost work? is it random did the girl on the rights fire skill and all a sudden it was uber! :O

how does awaken work? it dont see anything that shows if your able to use it or not
its quite useful but the requirements are vague unless im missing something

other glitches
after killing monster that was here this happened (this error goes away after getting into another battle)

sometimes the ! appears like a monsters thier after you killed it

can walk thru almost everything in this room

- Element icons are off in the scan window, yes. That's something I wasn't able to address during development time. I'll have it all sorted out next possible chapter

- The exclamation mark thing; that's a bug. Haven't found a way to fix it. Sorry!

- The popup thing was addressed in the review. It's being worked on.

- Agility affects character's evasion rates. And boosting Agility gives extra turns.

- I thought stats were pretty self explanatory. They're all literally VX Ace default in name and function, haha...

- Skill Boost was explained in the game page intro. Use two compatible skills in succession to produce a new skill. Doesn't get more complicated than that. The only catch is that you need to figure out what connects with what beyond the initial freebies listed above.

- Awaken was also explained above. The purple diamond that fills on a character's HUD is their Awakening Meter. When it's full, the command can be used.

All that aside, thank you for playing so far! I know it's a tough, and bugged here and there, so that goes even more for that.
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
updated glitches last post :D did not expect such a fast reply lol

thanks for the reply
yeah mostly AGI is a stat im not always 100% sure of what it actually does in some/most rpg maker games the others are generally pretty obvious tho ive played a couple that changed what they do XD

i either forgot or some how missed that explanation in the intro sorry about that ill have to replay the intro as that stuff would help alot XD
^oh lol...i thought you meant in game XD i replayed the start and did not find a tutorial and yet again fail to realize what game page meant grr im feeling dumb lol

on which note games that were created for contests
are you like not allowed to work on them anymore?(referring to times you in the introduction)that would be a bit sad :o

uber glitch :D
infinite Moon Tsubuki!theirs a scene where you get a card from a shadow after that scene just go back into the room where that scene happened it will replay and give you another item XD
from a tutorial that i recall something with a A needs to be set to fix that :D

- Heh, yes, I know about the moon tsukubame glitch. Terrible one that is.

- As for working further on this iteration, Yes. I suppose I could work on it in order to fix the things that I can. But a bunch of other stuff is based in scripting, which I can't really do anything about. :c

Either way, I'll fix stuff and upload a new version sometime soon.
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
finished the game it was great not sure where the secret boss is tho unless that winged person was it(or the monster you let get away but cant go into that room) :3 soon ill upload a 15 play :D

i recommend people try this game the mostly miner glitches aside this is a great game

the artwork is by far the best feature of this
the the skill boosts along with the awakening offer some additional strategy to the game
Yep, that winged person is the secret boss. I WAS going to add an actual secret boss, but time constraints kept me from actually doing so. I don't want to go back and add something like that to the game now, so I'll save it for next time.

Thanks for playing!
Have anyone beat the sacred beings in the next floor yet?
If you mean Acslepius, Bifrons, Pistis Sophia, and Marquis...

Yes, they are perfectly beatable as they are now. Just focus on hitting the elements they're weak to. And don't forget to give yourself more turns via Hui-Ying's Dual Shadow and Sukukaja. They may turn out helpful as you'll need the turns for support.
What attacks is the dragon boss vulernable to? I just need that boss then the last boss.
Marquis has no weaknesses. Just a resistance to Dark. Just use your skills and do your best. If you know any skill combos, be sure to use them, as he doesn't resist anything but Dark.
I finally beat the game and all i could say is that it was a good game.
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