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The world of Earth and the unknown planet called Gaia once merged to become a single planet. Things became chaotic and took years for the inhabitants of both worlds to accept such a grand change, it took time, but the people began to accept the new world, however things began to worsen the combined world was soon rotting and should the process continue, the world soon cease to exist, but thanks to the efforts of a select group of people, the worlds successfully split back into Earth and Gaia, but at a great price was to be held.

The fate of Gaia was unknown but the Earth was torn apart and all was left in ruins... many years later, the world is still in shambles, people live out their days in despair, new governments have been formed and wars have broken out all over the damaged land, new diseases have emerged and strange creatures have been wandering the landscape. But all hope it not lost.

You play as a young man who is awakened from a long slumber and have no recollection of who you are and what your name is, however the locals who have found you refer to you as a lost hero, determined to figure out your identity and learning of the current state of this new ruined world, you will explore the continent and experience the harshness of the world of Lost Land Ruin.

The game is now being completely re-done in RPG Maker VX Ace, with an extended storyline, gameplay mechanics and multiple paths.

Note: Certain features will be available immediately in the game, the full release the availability of certain features will change.

New Features:
-Completely revamped battle system in compared to the original.
-New characters
-Crafting System
-Alternate paths depending on the choices you make.
-Upgradable skills
-Better customization

Victor Animatied Battle Engine - Victor Sant
Khas Smooth Sliding and Light Effects - Khas
Crafting System - Coelocanth

Latest Blog

LLR VX Blog #22 500+ Downloads + Update

First off, let's have some funky tunes to listen to while updating.

Some of the music shown on this video was used in Lost Land Ruin VX. I absolutely love their music. It's freeware music, give em' a listen to. :D

Anyway, woo! 500+ Download milestone for this game. Joy cookies and wotnot. So, I figured I'd release a update to the game that fixes a couple of things.

-Fixed a tiny glitch at the Ancient Library during the True Ending path where you wouldn't encounter any enemies after finishing the boss.
-Finally replaced one theme that was on the last version that was still commercial, I forgot to change that theme, now it has been changed.
-A few sound errors here and there.
-A few grammatical mistakes reworded as well.

Not a whole lot fixed mind you, but hey. Every small bit counts. Thanks for playin' everyone, though I do have some slight interesting news about the sequel.

The game is slowly in development. With having to juggle this and P6. My hands are tied with this one. Priorities n' all that. But I do try to get to this game when I can. Not a whole lot made. But I can at least show you the new designs of some characters.




There's more I made, but I'll just leave it at that for now. Maybe I should hire an professional artist to do the artwork for LLR2 like I have for P6. Just many possibilities.

Well, that's all for now. Enjoy the slight update.
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  • 11/10/2013 11:29 PM
  • 01/20/2019 11:10 AM
  • 06/02/2015
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Let's see... did you...

1. Get the Crystal.
2. Go to the Inn.
3. Go to Mt.Doom and talk to Vicks?
and 4. Go to Desert?

EDIT: Okay, wow, that happened, I looked at the problem you were mentioning and no wonder you can't proceed forward. I made a tiny update to fix that problem, for now, just download this map and replace it with the old one, that should fix the problem.


Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go reupload this game with that little BS bug fix'd. Thanks for pointing that out.
Ok. I got farther along in the desert but still get the same message just past the bridges. How am I supposed to attract the Imperial and how do I use the communicator? Thanks for the help.


There, I did a double check to make sure that problem doesn't happen. Now you can go through the desert. I don't know why that part didn't have a switch. Ugh. >_>;
so where do you actually place the file to load it into the game cos I can't find any map files anywhere in the game folder
Click the link that I posted above yours, download it, then copy that downloaded file into your LLVX Ace folder and then inside that folder, look for the data folder, paste that said file, and there you go.
well i'm afraid there doesn't appear to be any date folder there, there's an audio, fonts, graphics, movies and systems folder but no data folder.
*facepalm*...Right. I forgot, this is rmvxace we're talking here... just download the patched game on my downloads, it was long since fixed, just move your save data to the newly downloaded title.
i've run into a problem, after the events at the forbidden zone i'm back the base and after a few events there, i'm told to go to bed, but when i try to do so, it says I should check on the girl first, well I talk to her multiple times but it keeps saying I should check on her which means I can't progress with the game.
Oh, go talk to Vicks, then that should fix that. I guess I should make it clear that you should also talk with Vicks as well in the game, I'll put that in to avoid confusion.

So, you pissed off Nei did ya? :3
okay I managed to progress so thanks for that but i've now run into another problem, the girl ran off and I found out she went to the desert so I figured she was going to that mysterious door I found earlier in the game, so I went in the cave and got to the room with the door but then the game just sort of freezes, the camera centres on the door and nothing happens, I can't see my characters, i can bring up the menu but I can't seem to be able to move, it looks like this is a bug so i'd appreciate it if it were fixed since I can't seem to be able to progress in the game as it stands.
Ah, nice find. I'll fix that. But no, that's not where she ran off to. She's actually at the east entrance of the desert. In a northern area not too far from where you enter.

I'll go and fix that.

Not a bad guess though, upon realization, I should've done that idea... oh well, too late now.
okay thanks for the advice but i'm afraid i've run into yet another problem, i've gotten to the bit where the base is attacked, I have to evacuate anyone, but I think i've evacuated everyone but it still won't let me leave, the only ppeople who I didn't evacuate is the crafts lady who won't evacuate and just keeps asking me if I want to craft and vicks who just stands in the basement and is just silent when I try to talk to him.
edit: whoops sorry I missed that soldier lying on the bed nevermind.
Hmmm... alright, the ones to evacuate are the following.

-The guy that was near the barrel near that unobtainable treasure chest.
-The lady in the bar.
-The guy that's panic near one of the houses.
-The sleeping guy in the main base.
-and the item shop lady.

Once those 5 are found, find Vicks at outside the base in the center.

I'll look into those other two problems you mentioned. Thanks for the reports btw.
another little issue, nothing game breaking but after the base attack, the music from that plays during battles still instead of going back to the regular battle music, probably something that shoudl get fixed in the next patch.
sorry this isn't a bug but i'm a little puzzled over what to do next, i've left the base and talked to vicks at the refuge, so i'm supposed to go to mount doom next right? cos I went there but nothing happened when i got to the top, I have a feeling I must have missed something in the conversation, i probably skipped through it too fast and missed something important. there's a new area called south ruins but i checked it out but there dosen't seem to be anything of story significance there so that's likely isn't where I'm supposed to go.
You go through the South Ruins to unlock another dungeon, go and complete that place and then things should proceed the way you want to.

I'll fix up that battle theme thing too.
I stuck, I clicked on everything already still cannot proceed pls help

That's weird, I could've sworn I got that fixed, did you update your game recently to fix that problem? And if not go back down the stairs, and go through the middle of the stairs when going up, it should activate the event.

But download the new version of the game before you do that.

I am in the middle of updating the game and replacing all of the commercial music with original ones, so the update may take a little while.
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