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Progress Report

LLR VX Blog #22 500+ Downloads + Update

First off, let's have some funky tunes to listen to while updating.

Some of the music shown on this video was used in Lost Land Ruin VX. I absolutely love their music. It's freeware music, give em' a listen to. :D

Anyway, woo! 500+ Download milestone for this game. Joy cookies and wotnot. So, I figured I'd release a update to the game that fixes a couple of things.

-Fixed a tiny glitch at the Ancient Library during the True Ending path where you wouldn't encounter any enemies after finishing the boss.
-Finally replaced one theme that was on the last version that was still commercial, I forgot to change that theme, now it has been changed.
-A few sound errors here and there.
-A few grammatical mistakes reworded as well.

Not a whole lot fixed mind you, but hey. Every small bit counts. Thanks for playin' everyone, though I do have some slight interesting news about the sequel.

The game is slowly in development. With having to juggle this and P6. My hands are tied with this one. Priorities n' all that. But I do try to get to this game when I can. Not a whole lot made. But I can at least show you the new designs of some characters.




There's more I made, but I'll just leave it at that for now. Maybe I should hire an professional artist to do the artwork for LLR2 like I have for P6. Just many possibilities.

Well, that's all for now. Enjoy the slight update.


LLR VX Blog #21 (Big Update release)

Hey there peeps, Jaymonius here, and at long last I have finally updated this game to have original music instead of commercial music! Woo! No more commercial for me! It's original from here on!

I've also fixed some bugs that were in the game some that were irks while others preventing your from advancing the game. (I'm surprised no one stepped forward to mention it, either the conditions to get the true ending is hard or they haven't tried getting it. Oh well.)

I've also updated some sprite work on some characters and one of the characters received a new skill to help out RM-305. Now that I think about it, I should've given that thing an animation before uploading... oh well, it'll happen on V.0.5.

Well, enjoy the update and kick some ass. And now, I'm off to do non-RPG Maker things for a while.


LLR VX Blog # 20 (Newest planned game cancelled.)

Hey there peeps, I got some bad news to deliever. To some who may have been viewing my channel and saw a couple videos of animated enemies and heroes and spiritual buddies, yeah, that game was to be Lost Land Sakaki.

Yeah, well, the game is offically cancelled due to steam being a piece of fucking crap, and that steam cloud nonsense that overwrote my new data and replaced it with the old data essentially wasting 2-3 months of my hard work put into this game.

I have now lost all motivation to work on anything. To top off this wonderous exhibition, another game which was cancelled already which was a mere side game I was working on and off also got canned because of that steam cloud nonsense. I am offically pissed because of this.

If there is a way to disable that nonsense so my projects don't get bullshit like that happening again, I'm taking that route.


This really puts me back on square one again... ughhhhh.... >_>;


LLR VX Blog # 19 (Big Update coming soon.)

During one of my older blogs, I mentioned that my uncomfortableness about using commercial music was starting to weigh heavy on me. Luckily, I am rectifying that problem.

In due time, and hopefully within' the next month or two, there will be a big update coming that will replace every single theme used in this game with original music. I've already replaced half of the themes on here with original music, and now that I've learned how to make looping files into .ogg files, there'll be no more fadeouts in music as well, at least when it's not on purpose anyway, it'll be great! Woo!

There'll also be some sprite changes here and there, along with a bug fix here and there that I noticed. Mostly text errors and timing. But nothing game breaking. At least nothing that has been reported yet.

As for future projects, I really have no motivation to work on any of my current ones, so I'm fine tuning this one until it's not required any longer. I'm just glad it's out and playable.

Progress Report

LLR VX Blog # 18 (Version Update to 0.2)

Hey there, thanks to one of the players mentioning a game breaking bug that prevents you from moving forward, I have now patched that problem and also tweaked and fixed a few tiny minor things.

- Got rid of some of the Move2 sound effects from some of the places when you move from one place to another.

- Made the Desert Cavern a little more managable, now if you go through the entire dungeon fully and meet with the red haired bomb nut, you won't have to walk all the way back, you'll just wind up back at your camp, to save you having to go through more random battles.

- Fixed a game breaking glitch that prevented you from moving forward in the Lost Desert during your second visit or more.

Thanks for your time.


LLR VX Blog # 17 (Final Notes)

This will probably be the last blog that will be posted here in regards to the direction of LLR1. Anything else from here on will be mostly if big updates occur and such.


This game, hoo boy. It was really fun to make, and it's my first VX Ace game made no less too. The MULTITUDES of advantages that VX Ace gives you, it is easily my new favorite RM by far. With 2k3 in second. I did have a few stressful points when making this, and there were actually a few things I cut due to my patience running low for the game.

One of the big things that cut was a bonus optional dungeon that would be unlocked after you beat the game and get one of the endings, and it would unlock for you to enter to help with your crafting and quicker exp building and such, but by the time I got to the final dungeon's design, I was getting tired.

I think half of it was because I needed a new change of scenery. I worked on this whole Post Apocalyptic/Sci-Fi/Fantasy setting for two years, I desperately wanted to finish this up before last year, but with my job, and other distractions like Pokes, and too much Team Fortress 2, my attention would be easily be swayed.

There were a couple other things that also impacted the release, the other was my patience with the battle system. Half of this was due to the creator of the script, Victor not replying to some of the problems I had with the script so I had to make due with alternate ways to make things work, and that in tune made my patience go through the roof at times, I wanted to have all the characters have at least 8 skills each, but I didn't have the capacity to make new skills for all the characters. Hence why most have 5-6 skills, with the exception of a few characters.

My only other major regret is the music. This one was partly responsible for the delay as well as I am reaching the point of uncomfortableness of using commercial game music. I want to be using original music, I've been buying a lot of the soundtracks that has been shown on Steam/RPGMakerWeb. But only a handful really catch my ear. Y'see, I'm VERY picky with what I use for music, because I need it to fit the atmosphere with what I'm making, it's either I have that or I leave it with silence, and as well all know, a game with silence just doesn't do it justice. I heard a lot complaints about that in regards to my older games.

The next game I have in store is going to be using original music this time around and no more use of commercial games, that ship has sailed, and LLR is going to be the last I do that. I assure you.

What else. Oooh oooh, I have to say though, doing this project helped me a lot with my spriting. You can easily tell with my more larger sprite works like the Epitaph Demon optional fights amongst many others. Now that I'm trying to animate the monsters, it's going to make spriting 10x more stressful. But I'm seeing it isn't as hard as I originally thought it would be. I'm beginning to understand how developers made their larger enemy sprites by making different parts and then combining them when they finished up what they wanted done.

I learned a hell of a lot while making this game, and I hope to learn a lot more with the next project in store. Go easy on me with the review, and hopefully there's no mistakes on this one. I did use less tilesets in this one in comparison to the Phantasia games, so there's less to click and manage on that one, ha ha ha.

Well, thanks for reading folks and hope to see you all again next project.


LLR VX Blog # 16 (The game is released!)

Alrighty, you've waited long enough peeps. You can now play the full version of Lost Land Ruin VX. Enjoy yourselves and let me know if there is anything wrong and I'll be sure to patch up the problems. Just be sure to provide a screenshot of when the problem occurs and that will help me greatly.

Go to the downloads page to download the full version.

More information on how to play through the game will come in the coming weeks... maybe. I do need a break from this. Soooo yeah. Enjoy everyone.


LLR VX Blog # 15 (I have some sad news to report...)

The game...


Lost Land Ruin VX is now 100% finished, and soon to be ready to be uploaded, I'll be uploading the beta version of the game until there is a full guarantee that the game will be 100% bug free.

Thanks for your patience everybody and I'll be having the game up and running on here within' due time.


LLR VX Blog # 14 (Delays, delays and new project incoming.)

Yeah, minorish update to my ever so fun day to day wonderings of when this will be finished, but here is an update in regards to Lost Lost Ruin VX.

The game is literally near finished! I know I've said that before, but bear with me on this, I'm mostly waiting on some stuff I commissioned to be finished so I can input them into the game. I know, I could easily just put the stuff in the game after release, but this is something I've been wanting put in the game since the beginning, and it wouldn't feel right having it in there, so you will have to hold on for a little longer.

So, while waiting for that to finish, I've been passing time doing some heavy spriting work in the monsters category, and by that, I mean animating em'.

I am going to make a small side project in the Phantasia/Lost Land time line, that involves the animated monsters and the character showed. I'm currently working on more animated monsters and hoping to finish a lot more before I get started on the actual project itself.

The old name for the game was called Legend of Gaia, but I've long since scrapped that old rm2k3 project and decided to make it in a more able engine. I did want to make it an ABS, but I'm fine with this. The name I'm thinking of going with is Lost Land: Sakaki, but the name is pending and may change throughout the duration of production.

That's all from me, and good lord is it Spring yet, I'm sick of snow... but then again, this is Canada. -_-;

Progress Report

LLR VX Blog # 13 (Near completion!)

Holy hell, it's been one hell of a hell ride in makin' this thing. But this was a interesting experience all in all, but I'll be glad to annouce that this game is near finished, I'm just in the thinking phase of whether or not to add a few more sidequests and make a post-game dungeon for the heroes to explore.

Considering there is a lot of quest bosses and tougher optional boss fights in the game as is, I don't even think there's even a need for a dungeon like that, plus I sorta want to get this thing pumped out and finally get the sequel up and running too.

But one thing at a time I guess. But hey, I hope to have this released before the end of the year, I'm sure I will. O w O; In terms of progress, the main story is completely finished so, yeah, it's more a matter of releasing a beta version or wait a bit til' my tester(s) reports back, but I'm impatient that way, ha ha ha. But that impatience costs me in the past too. :P

Oh well, I'll have an update in due time. Hold on a little tighter for the full version, it's coming real soon!
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