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Switch to MV

  • Lihinel
  • 10/11/2019 07:55 AM
As of today, the status of the VXAce version of Ludus Sophiae switched from Hiatus to Cancelled and production will be shifted to it's MV version. The probability of this status reversing is very low.

The Gamepage for the MV version is up.

The main reason is the better usability of the MV. (Mainly the way the use of mouse inputs enhances the playing experience)
This is especially true for the Battle System, where a single click on a skill and one click on the enemy status or position executes that skill, compared with browsing through multiple sub menus in the VXAce version. This is also true for other systems.

The RTS version of the Warfare System I worked on as a mini project to test it out and learn JS for the last half year ended in disappointement.
I did produce a working demo, though the feedback was mixed at best and the usability was just not there. So warfare will be implemented in a much more spreadsheet like fashion or droped from the game entirely.

I do plan to release demos of the new version as soon as the first main systems are done, instead of waiting for the completion of the first chapter.


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Bummer for the VXAce progress, but hope the project goes well, whatever the engine.

Also sad for the warfare mechanic. But it's an interation, I think it can improve, it is/was something very interesting and unique of this game.

So yeah, see you at MV gamepage thing!
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