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People have been kind enough to make fan-art for my game! A huge thanks to everyone; you have no idea how honored and thankful I am to get these!

Here's a picture of Karuna by Urano23! (who has been following this project since nearly the beginning! ^_^)

And a picture of Karuna and Aurelie by Red Nova! (who's also my tester, writing consultant, and all-around awesome RPG Making friend!)

Here's another piece of art from another RMN friend. This is an awesome animated pixel piece called "With all my Heart," made by Skaiano! It's inspired by this screenshot ^_^

Urano23's frustration with the overly powerful and frustrating Depthsfiend boss lead to him creating this awesome picture! Thanks for the picture and sorry the boss was so hard ^^;; (I've nerfed him a little in response XD)

This absolute gem is Chisa wielding her axe and looking completely badass and awesome. A huge thanks to Sai-Shou for this incredible fanart! :DDDD

(click here for the full-sized version :D)