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Blog #7 - 2nd release coming soon!

  • sbester
  • 10/17/2014 09:36 PM
I'm partway through chapter 12 right now, so just about 50% complete the whole novel. As always, I'll be posting the next quarter for all to download, since it'll still be quite some time until the final version is complete. I of course still need to add the music and test-read it before the release, but that never takes very long.

For my next trick, Act iii. There are plenty of murder plots and assassination attempts to be had in that one, so I'm pretty pumped. The homestretch will be a tad slower, but has some crazy twists at the end that you won't see coming.

On the Mafiosi 3 front, I've got some things in the works, including a new title poster by the same genius who designed the first two. He's got a lot of time before he needs to finish it though, because I don't want to post anything for it until after Mafiosi 2 is released. Spoilers and whatnot (though not too bad).


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Editing of chapters 7-12 has begun, so a couple more days and this should be ready for release!
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