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Made in a week for the RM Venture Event, Razed are the Powerful (or RTP) is a short experience that hones in on the idea of collecting your favorite RTP characters to fight alongside you in a coliseum. Another strong focus is its small-scale plot that is used to its advantage in order to hit close to home.

Ulrika Terne hasn't been feeling well lately. While this is uncommon for her, her commitment to her job as a mighty gladiator prevents her from staying home. At least, not with a healthy conscience. Her husband, Brian Terne, is adamant she stay home - even her closest friends agree that it's for the best. Hiding herself beneath her arms in an empty room, she faces her pain alone.

There's something unnatural about this illness. Something that can raze even the most powerful of wills.

Latest Blog

It is done!

I'm kind of afraid some of you will be let down, but nonetheless, I've finished. There are a few things that are kind of off in it. Specifically, Khar looks like Alex because I don't have a sprite. And I think there's been a crash or two I couldn't reproduce. Save often! If anyone can figure out what's happening I'd love you a long time~<3 Minno never really returned from those difficulties she was having... I hope she's okay!

If you find any glitches, don't be afraid to tell me! I'm sure there are some since testing = 1 speed run by me. Yeaaah, not the best testing in the world.
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  • Gourd_Clae
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  • 02/14/2014 04:42 AM
  • 02/03/2017 11:19 PM
  • 02/24/2014
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Thank you so much for finding all these crashes <3

- Easy fix, thank you~
- Easy fix, that happens mainly because I was lazy and didn't think anyone would notice. Hee hee
- I'll tell you, just about every aspect of the game that has touched Gomez was broken at one point and I apparently still haven't fixed it! Darn it Gomez, you're cursed! I'll see what I can do about that, but I don't know if I can do anything...
- Black magic! Ahhh! (Easy fixxx)
- N-no, not at all! And there's no correlation between Aussie Land and Australia either! N-none! (Yes, indeedy~)
- Ooh, thanks, I had no idea!
- Tee hee hee! You only get the chance to fight it before you leave the house. I think I may change it so that you can go back home on night 3 so that players can actually get ready beyond their party. It's vaguely explained after the battle that Ullie fought it in her head. Which is a bit of a cop-out, but having your party members coming running over to your house would be a bit weird? And that is the superboss of the game, so I wanted players to have their party members with them.
- That... is a bit odd. I'll look into that.
- Klaus is not quite as skilled unfortunately. (Easy fix!)
- I can proooobably fix that! Thank you for telling me!
- Hahaha, that must be annoying. You can charge up, but only after you've already acted~ I can most likely fix this.
Got any Dexreth amulets?
Finished it! It took me a bit, but I've finally completed the game. Overall, I liked it and would say its humour is definitely the strongest aspect of Razed Are The Powerful. Combat was mostly enjoyable and had some neat ideas, although not everything was entirely well-balanced.
Definitely a game worth playing.

These are my final notes:
- The music in Ulrika's house during the night when you can meet the thing in the closet is a bit wonky. It's very quiet usually, but when you go back into Ulrika's bedroom it becomes loud again.
- It would be a good idea to have the party be healed before the beginning of that night. Since items can't be used outside of battle, I had to confront the thing in the closet with a not fully healed party.
- The music that plays when Dorothy tells her story is really cool.
- Ylva, Carol and Cynthia are the most harmonious team ever. Absolutely.
- Is it just me, or does Luts' indecisiveness strangely remind me of someone...
- Some characters' descriptions don't fit onto the screen in battle. (Here's an example.)
- The party should also be healed before the final battle starts.
- Right after the final battle end, the music from before plays for a very short moment, then abruptly stops and is replaced by different, quiet music.
- This is just a matter of personal opinion: There are so many options available for stunning enemies (most of all Ulrika's Low Blow) that fighting strong enemies (especially bosses) becomes way too easy. You can just stunlock them every round and have other party members refill the used MP.
- To be perfectly honest, I found the ending to be a bit abrupt and less impactful than it could have been. It's not bad or anything, but I didn't find it entirely as convincing as the rest of the writing.


Nr. 1: The bracket at the beginning of the textbox is missing.
Nr. 2: "Relax they were" -> "Relax, they were"
Nr. 3: "need to a routine" -> "need a routine" or "need to do a routine"
Nr. 4: "no experience fighting" -> "no experience in fighting" or "no experience with fighting" or "no fighting experience"

That's it. I hope this has been somewhat useful to you.

Thank you (and Minnow, of course) for creating this game! I'm looking forward to seeing any future projects.
Oh gee somehow I missed this! Thank you so much for finishing and giving feedback. You're awesome!

- Thanks for the music heads up!
- I think I fixed that without even reading that~ I'm psychic obviously!
- I love that song~<3 It's one of the two that aren't royalty free but I had to include anyway.
- S-sarcasm? I love those three~ They make for great convos. Are you implying they're a bit much in battle? Or too little? Or...? Haha, I think the absolutely at the end is throwing me off.
- N-not me! I'm not sure who you mean to be honest, but I know I based Luts' crazy personality on my own insecurities though they're, uh, greatly exaggerated. And I'm much more stable I swear! Honest! *eye twitch*
- Ugu, I thought I got all of those. Thanks for the heads up.
- Oopsies~
- Hm... that's odd.
- I agree completely. I may make stun states low accuracy as opposed to more reliable states.
- No, I agree completely. I learned a lot about writing from just this one game and I'll try not to disappoint as I make games in the future. I appreciate your honesty!
Oh this looks neat! Also the art style kinda reminds me of Hyper Light Drifter :o (do you like that game it's so hard to find HLD fans haha)
Self-proclaimed Puzzle Snob
Lol I too like Hyper Light Drifter's art style and I like watching its gameplay but until I've played it can't say I'm a fan until I know it plays good :P But yeah it looks great. Cap_H is a great fan of the game too.

Personally, I think it looks a little more like Swords & Sworcery:

sword and sworcery! that's another one that's super pretty, yeah. I still need to play that
either way it looks great!
Self-proclaimed Puzzle Snob
it also looks a little bit like a game called Oneshot it's not a very well known game I wouldn't be surprised if you haven't heard of it before
@Cashmere I see what you did there hee hee~

I love Swords & Sworcery - I couldn't tell you if Minno was influenced or not. She just said she would do simple and pretty.
I was definitely influenced by both S&S and Hyper Light Drifter! And also the need for simplicity so I could get all the graphics done in a week :p
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