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Dreaming Mary is an original adventure game in a sidescrolling format, made using the free RPG Maker VX Ace Lite. It is inspired by the Japanese horror game Ib and the abstract game Yume Nikki, and is influenced by the indie platformer Eversion as well as the TV show Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica. Despite these influences, Dreaming Mary is not exactly a horror game. It does contain horror elements, though they might never be encountered by a player who chooses to indulge in the dreams instead of investigating.

The game's average playtime ranges from fifteen to twenty-five minutes to reach one ending, and there are four endings. In the game you are able to interact with items and NPCs. It is important to pay attention to dialogue and to your surroundings in order to proceed. Sound is vital in this game and can help the player move forward as well as provide hints to the situation Mary has found herself in.

This game is not intended for children or those of a nervous disposition and may contain triggering content. Please play with headphones or high audio in a quiet room. There are four endings and bonus content is available after all four have been achieved in one game file. For hints and information, please see the game's homepage at the bottom of the description.


Mary is a girl who loves to dream. In fact, she loves to dream so much she can spend an entire day dreaming. One day, when she falls asleep, she finds herself in a nostalgic place very different from her other dreams. Everyone there knows her and treats her like an old friend, and they invite her to play with them or help them. When she finishes all of their tasks, she is invited deeper into the dream.

Will you lead her to fall into her dreams? Or will you bring her back to the waking world?

As the player, you have the choice in the final decision of Mary's final dream.

*Custom graphics
*Custom music
*Vocal songs
*Bonus content (available after achieving all 4 endings in 1 game file)

Dreaming Mary was originally created and completed in RMVX Ace Lite. It was ported to the full version of Ace afterwards, but still conforms to many of the original restrictions of the Lite software, such as:
*No more than 20 maps
*Only 10 events per map
*No more than 10 common events
*Limit of 100 switches and variables
*No call common event option

The full Ace software was needed for file encryption and font change. Mithran's Text Cache script is used as well as a single line of call script in the game's eventing.

4/19: Updated download link added!
Fixed bugs:
-Premature notification of the 4 endings
-Removal of script which caused ‘sound file not found’

Still active bug(s):
-Bonus mode freeze from painting (please only activate bonus mode before the 'turning point' of the game)

Produced by Accha (story, art, programming, voice)
With support from Trass (music, advice on how to use RMVX)

Game homepage (tumblr)
12-track OST on Bandcamp (200 free downloads per month)

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Juuuuuuuuuuuuusta question...HOW did you make it that way?!?!Like seeing it from that way?
I absolutely loved the game, although I've seen many 'let's plays' on it before, actually playing really strengthened the love I already had for this game.
Would you happen to be okay with anything fanmade by the way, like an animation or a fanmade game?
All the fanart on Mary I've seen really inspired me to want to make something that involves this games characters and aesthetics!
Thank you for your game!

is this game for free? Sorry for such a simple question, I tried to find the answer, even registered for asking.

Have you tried to hit the "download now" button up there? ^^
I really want to play this game but when I downloaded it, I can't set it up. (I'm kind of new to this)
Just made a Let's Play of this game. Absolutely loved it!!!

Fantastic game. I especially love the art style. Keep up the good work!
Just uploaded the second episode of my Let's Play. I'm absolutely in LOVE with this game :D

The artstyle is cute! The characters as metaphors is also very nice! Think i'll write a review someday!
Just uploaded the third part of my Lets Play series. Only watch if you've finished the game since it contains **SPOILERS** :)

What a beautiful yet thrilling game~ It doesn't even need a jumpscare in it to gives the sensation. Well done~ :)

Why oh WHY did you see fit to make the most completely terrifying thing I have ever seen? Great now it will be weeks before I can enjoy a RL dream again.

The only way this could be scarier is if the dream had black holes in it. There are no black holes in this nightmare world, right?
This was so great! Definitely not what I was expecting!
Sorry for the late reply- didn't notice these posts O_O

Thanks for trying the game Vanilla, TeKe, Jane and Theory!

@Jane, the video format for RPGMaker is a weird one (.ogv) so I'm not sure if your problems come from that >_o I'll send you the bonus passwords through PM though so that you can see the bonus room content online.

Can you PM me aswell? I've done all endings on different files and didn't learn about it having to be on one file until after about 5 and a half hours of playing this game. I REALLY don't want to have to go through it all again :~:
I found the other game first.. etto, the title is painted heart

it's too heavy for my net so i decided to just dl it later...

then i went to your profile..

*eyes sparkle*


hope you make more, i mean MORE games
Hey, sorry to bother you but I just wanted to ask you how did you make the gameplay be from that perspective? Thanks!
best gaem. I'm not really the type of person to spend a lot of time playing games (I waste my time watching them instead) But I really wanted to experience this for my own, and I cant say I regret my choice to do so.
I really want to play this game but when I downloaded it, I can't set it up. (I'm kind of new to this)

find the files you downloaded, and click the pink circle marked 'game'. I hope this is what you meant

is this game for free? Sorry for such a simple question, I tried to find the answer, even registered for asking.


yeap! Just click the download button beside the title