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Dreaming Mary is an original adventure game in a sidescrolling format, made using the free RPG Maker VX Ace Lite. It is inspired by the Japanese horror game Ib and the abstract game Yume Nikki, and is influenced by the indie platformer Eversion as well as the TV show Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica. Despite these influences, Dreaming Mary is not exactly a horror game. It does contain horror elements, though they might never be encountered by a player who chooses to indulge in the dreams instead of investigating.

The game's average playtime ranges from fifteen to twenty-five minutes to reach one ending, and there are four endings. In the game you are able to interact with items and NPCs. It is important to pay attention to dialogue and to your surroundings in order to proceed. Sound is vital in this game and can help the player move forward as well as provide hints to the situation Mary has found herself in.

This game is not intended for children or those of a nervous disposition and may contain triggering content. Please play with headphones or high audio in a quiet room. There are four endings and bonus content is available after all four have been achieved in one game file. For hints and information, please see the game's homepage at the bottom of the description.


Mary is a girl who loves to dream. In fact, she loves to dream so much she can spend an entire day dreaming. One day, when she falls asleep, she finds herself in a nostalgic place very different from her other dreams. Everyone there knows her and treats her like an old friend, and they invite her to play with them or help them. When she finishes all of their tasks, she is invited deeper into the dream.

Will you lead her to fall into her dreams? Or will you bring her back to the waking world?

As the player, you have the choice in the final decision of Mary's final dream.

*Custom graphics
*Custom music
*Vocal songs
*Bonus content (available after achieving all 4 endings in 1 game file)

Dreaming Mary was originally created and completed in RMVX Ace Lite. It was ported to the full version of Ace afterwards, but still conforms to many of the original restrictions of the Lite software, such as:
*No more than 20 maps
*Only 10 events per map
*No more than 10 common events
*Limit of 100 switches and variables
*No call common event option

The full Ace software was needed for file encryption and font change. Mithran's Text Cache script is used as well as a single line of call script in the game's eventing.

4/19: Updated download link added!
Fixed bugs:
-Premature notification of the 4 endings
-Removal of script which caused ‘sound file not found’

Still active bug(s):
-Bonus mode freeze from painting (please only activate bonus mode before the 'turning point' of the game)

Produced by Accha (story, art, programming, voice)
With support from Trass (music, advice on how to use RMVX)

Game homepage (tumblr)
12-track OST on Bandcamp (200 free downloads per month)

Latest Blog

Q&A: The Moral of Dreaming Mary

I recently received an interesting question on my game blog, and figured that the philosophy and explanations in the answer may be of interest to other developers, as a reference for how this particular game was conceived and constructed.

Cherythesus: Your game was really impressive with its initial cuteness juxtaposed to the nightmare that laid just beneath the surface. RPG Maker games tend to be cute or light hearted in style and initial appearance but turn out to have deeply disturbing content. What inspired you to make a game on this subject? What did you want your audience to get from experiencing Mary's journey?

A: Hello there! These are some interesting questions to ask, eh? ( ̄▽+ ̄*) You can glean a little bit of the answer from my developers notes in the bonus, but I’ll properly answer under the readme.

Be warned, this is essay-length and just as wordy because that’s how I roll ♝ཻ༨͜♝ཻ)

What inspired you to make a game on this subject?

The style of the game itself is heavily inspired by the game Eversion as well as by the show Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica. Both of them initially present a cute, harmless exterior but quickly deteriorate into a horrific setting. I’ll admit that the thought of making something equally shocking was the reason why the game doesn’t transition between cute and scary, but instead just throws you into the thick of it.

As for how the story pans out… well, here comes the long tale!

A few weeks before I even started making this game, I had to give a presentation for my speech class. The speech was titled “Videogames are art”. You see, if you think about it, games are a combination of other art forms (writing, music, visual art…) but with an additional element—interaction. The player shapes their experience when playing and, in some types of games, can even shape what the game is about.

Games give players choices. When the player interacts with the game and selects their choice, they encounter the consequences of their actions. I wanted to make a game that plays with this idea in mind: actions have consequences.

As such, the answer to your second question, “What did you want your audience to get from experiencing Mary’s journey?"…

Here’s the gist of the story. Mary is a girl who suffers. From what she suffers doesn’t matter— the point is, she’s unhappy with her life. She doesn’t like the real world. Instead, she escapes into her dream world, a place where everything is beautiful and nice and sweet and soft… She pulls away from what’s really happening and drowns herself in her happy dreams/delusions.

Now, let’s throw in the player. This is someone who is just as fresh-faced and innocent as Mary in the dream world. They don’t know about the bad things that happen because those things don’t exist in this world. All they want is to have fun. So they wander about this strange world, helping the animals and whatnot, but slowly realize… something is not right. The dream world begins to erode and the player sees the darkness underneath.

The player then is presented with their choice: do they want to ignore the darkness and make Mary stay within the happy, safe, pink world? Or will they investigate, stepping foot in the harsh “reality” and facing their fears head-on, in order to grasp a chance at escape?

That’s what I ended my speech with those months ago. That concept was the driving force behind how I set up Dreaming Mary and why I advertised it the way I did. Well, it’s about three months after the game’s release, and I know now that there are many flaws in the way I executed the game which led to people not seeing the overall moral to the story. Still, there are some people who’ve told me that they got it, that they understood why I made this game. And those people make me very happy.

There are a lot of questions that I leave unanswered— what happens if Mary stays in the dream world? What happens when she escapes? I never give official answers to these because part of me believes Mary’s story is also the story of people like her and like me; people who drown out reality and turn towards a happier, constructed world. Will they be better off “waking up”, or is it better for them to stay in that dream world? I don’t know.

Anyway, that’s the artistic reasoning behind Dreaming Mary. It’s not a reflection of the game’s role in the series, or of the story’s events. I like it when people come up with their own theories of what the story is about because, in a way, that’s how players are investing themselves in my work and creating something new.

It’s kinda weird to write this out to the audience, thinking about it. I mean, if I were ever to ask a game developer the questions you did I’d probably expect like “Oh I thought it’d be fun”, not some philosophical psychological mumbo jumbo which basically says this game is a metaphor for my life, cue the dramatic soundtrack.

In any case, I hope this sheds a lot of light on the subject of why I made the game the way it is. Thanks for playing the game, and good job on making it through this monster of a response!
  • Completed
  • accha
  • Trass
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
  • Adventure
  • 04/16/2014 04:29 PM
  • 07/09/2016 02:15 AM
  • 04/17/2014
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Based on Ib, Yume Nikki, Eversion, Madoka Magica, you put "This game is not intended for children or those of a nervous disposition" in there yet you say this is no horror game? I bet you're lying us. A lot.

*puts game in playlist*
Based on Ib, Yume Nikki, Eversion, Madoka Magica, you put "This game is not intended for children or those of a nervous disposition" in there yet you say this is no horror game? I bet you're lying us. A lot.

*puts game in playlist*

Oh I don't know what you mean (•⚗৺⚗•)
Guardian Angel of the Description Thread
This premise sounds like it's up my ally. Or, at the very least, give me an excuse to type ye olde Exaclibur quote:

Arthur: Is that all you are, now, Merlin? A dream?
Merlin: A dream? To some. A nightmare to others!
This premise sounds like it's up my ally. Or, at the very least, give me an excuse to type ye olde Exaclibur quote:

Arthur: Is that all you are, now, Merlin? A dream?
Merlin: A dream? To some. A nightmare to others!

Well, it certainly is a perfectly insightful quote ;)
This game is so beautiful. * ^ *
Already started playing a lil bit when I saw the download on Tumblr. Glad to see it on RMN as well.
Can I make a lets play of this? It looks really nice. =DD
Does this game require the VX Ace RTP to play?
@Goatboy: Thanks! Hope you enjoyed the game~

@Jayogame: Yes, of course! =w=v

@Healy: Nope, you don't need RTP! The download has all of the necessary files packaged inside of it.
I just recently uploaded Part 1. =)
Please check it out.
Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eh-aUXTLvPU&feature=youtu.be

LOL, awesome Let's Play Jayo! I laughed a lot when you met Bunnilda haha XDD
By the way, there IS a space in the input screen! It's the empty box right next to Page. Sorry for the confusion!
Whoa, good job getting the true end already! I gotta say I'm impressed XD
@accha: Dat ending made me sad. haha. but great game really. It was awesome.
This game looks amazing! I'm a little scared of, well, being scared though.
Thanks Jayo! And Gourd, you can play through the normal course of the game without seeing anything too freaky. Just follow the instructions, do what's expected of you, agree when you need to agree, etc. The game takes about 15-25 minutes with just the normal course of events, which is pretty standard for a 'demo-length' game I think, and you'll get to see all of the pretty graphics/listen to the nice music. ;)
Looks good, I'll maybe do a review of this.
@Laber, that'd be great! Honest feedback and criticism are welcome and appreciated. =w=)v
There are not enough words in the dictionary to describe how much I love this game. There is so much beauty in it, the entire experience is so indescribable. From the symbolism, to the graphics, to the simple yet clearly deeper story, and the music, OH the music. I gladly played it over, and over! I love games with dream worlds much like Ib, .flow, and Yume Nikki, and now I add this to my list of favorite games.
I'm halfway through it and I'M SCARED OH MY GOSH I DON'T KNOW IF I'LL BE ABLE TO BEAR THIS! (And it's daytime... ;_;)
Why you do this to such beautiful game? Q^Q

*takes example for her own horror game*
I absolutely loved this game! Enjoyed every second of it. XD I'm pretty horrible at these kinds of games, but I'm glad I gave this a go. :D

The music was amazing! The characters and voices too! Everything!

I was hoping I could get your permission to make a Let's Play of this for my YouTube channel.