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Un-Encrypted File

As an on going effort to make my old games unencrypted.
I present the unencrypted file for Chips Challenge: Ace Edition.
(To be available in my locker.)


*Unfortunately I will not be able to provide the files for Dragon Lancer, Giadon Saga, or Demonic Tutor.
(since I no longer have these files, but Broken Gauntlet will likely be next.)


Chips Challenge - Version 2.0 Available!

Chips Challenge: Ace Edition now has 25 levels!

Changes include:

Enemies will move while off screen.
Chip Jr. moves slightly faster.
Added 3 introductory levels (Old Level 1 is now Level 4.)
Changes to Level 9 (Now Level 12.) Format level so you can take cover in more areas.
Changes to Level 11 (Now Level 14.) Make more safe areas to stand.
Changes to Level 13 (Now Level 16.) Blocks will not give chips unless moved.
Changes to Level 20 (Now Level 23.) No lag.
Updated one script to prevent common event problems.
New Parallax.
Timer and Variable text is now blue.
Credit Screen done by SnowOwl.

Its still not perfect:

Known issues include lag in some levels, sprites/tiles may have strange pixel things happen, and moving blocks into water still has a small issue if you go out of your way to find it.


Design your own level for Chips Challenge!

Using the resources I provide in this blog you can create a level that may be added to this game in a future version. You don't necessarily need to know how to event things or even know how to use RPG Maker at all.

As submissions I will accept screen shots of the level as a long as it shows the entire level in one screen shot. I will also accept files that can be opened by Gimp (So if you want to use an image editor to design a level that's okay too.) You may also submit the levels in an RPG Maker VX Ace game file.

I will accept levels based on the difficulty, aesthetics, variety, and the level of difficulty required to program the events. (ie. Don't design levels filled with moving blocks that can go into water unless you want to do all that eventing yourself.)

If your feeling artistic I could also use a better title screen and a more fitting parallax.

Tile Set A2

Tile Set B

Tile Set C


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