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You take on the role of several different main characters that our connected to the town of Springfall and the murder of a young woman that went missing sixteen years ago. Her spirit continues to roam free and her true intentions are shrouded in mystery. It's up to you to decide the direction of the story and discover the mystery behind Springfall or die trying.

If anyone wants to possibly assist with this game, then send me a message. Voice actors and artists are really what I need at this point.

I would also really like to hear everyone's thoughts on the demo. Please comment and tell me if you like it or not.


Jeremy Miles - A freelance writer that suffers from a phobia of the dark.

Christian Rivers - A homicide detective that struggled with being an alcoholic for many years.

Barbara Parker - A young woman that is in a romantic relationship with Jeremy and slowly begins to realize her parents dark past.

Amy Reed - A little girl that disappeared from the town of Springfall sixteen years ago.

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So I just gave the demo a try and I liked the story and pretty much everything I've seen so far. :3
So will sanity have effect on the gameplay?
My idea for the sanity meter was for it to have an effect on certain dialogue and possibly open up new choices, but having it effect the gameplay is an interesting idea. I'll see if I can incorporate that into the game. Thank you for trying out
the demo. : D
Hey ^^
I just gave the demo a go, and I just loved it! I also uploaded the game play to my channel, which can be seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5N0K0Owj-xU&feature=youtu.be
I didn't say it at the end, but I really like the ideas of the game (such as the sanity meter) and how the player is the one to inflect on the storyline, it is one of the type of games I enjoy the must!
Also, I just noticed you're looking for artists/voice actors, so I'm wondering if I can help with one, or even both of them ^^
This was an amazing demon. If you are looking for voice actors I hope I can help you out with that. Also I made "First Look-Let's Look At-Spotlight" video about your game

You can find it here :D
I really like the concept of the sanity meter. Keep up the good work.
Interesting concept and good work. Also whats the situation with the voice actors? Depending on when your available or what you need hit me up and we'll see if you like what I have to offer.
Any updates, please? I'm really looking forward to it.
I just played the demo.I liked the sanity meter mechanic.the interwoven story was nice as well as the multiple protagonists.I'm anticipating the full release!
looked interesting, but demo was super short so I'm not sure what we are gonna be getting here.
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