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These are not hints, these are the solutions on the 3 puzzles that people have asked me about the most.

Only read the following solutions if you cannot figure it out for yourself and you wanna unlock more of the game.

Mother's Closet Code: (Necessary to get to the exit)
Next to the closet, there is a bookcase with the hint to solving this puzzle.

So the clue is sharing. They had 15 pebbles, but the father gave away 9 (now he has 6 left). The kids bicker cause it's an uneven amount, so mother gets 1 plus another from the youngest son. (now she has 2 and the sons have 4 and 3)

Now, you can either go with the "common" age group (Father, Mother, Oldest Son, Youngest Son) which will get you 6243, OR, the order they appear in the text (Father, Oldest Son, Youngest Son, Mother) which will get you 6432

Both of these work.

Teddy Bear Puzzle: (Bonus content/Better endings)
The note hints that, from Left to Right, you are to place the teddies in order of liking. To determinate what color she likes more, you only have to count the toys in the different colors.

The order is: Red, Blue, Yellow, Black
And also, you need to bring the Green Teddy with you, IF you wanna survive the encounter with what's inside.

Stonewall Key Code: (Bonus content/Better ending)
In the house, there are 3 short messages on the wall that you can only see when you are scared enough. These are: S=19, 1+9=10, 1+0=1

Another message that keeps repeating is "SAVE US" (There's even a SAVE US on the opposite wall from the stonewall).

This means that the code for the keypad is: 114531