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I'm really stoked about Cardiophobia getting over 50k views, so I just really wanted to say thanks for that.

I also wanted to say thanks for the spotlight, I couldn't believe it at first when I saw it.

While the making and first couple of weeks after completion had some rough patches, I've had a lot of fun watching people play the game and hear all of the feedback in the comments.

I don't know what else to say, thanks for everything.

Progress Report


There seemed to be an error with Emelie's door disappearing, this should be fixed now without me accidentally breaking something else.

Progress Report


There were a small bug with the ending, where Felix wouldn't leave the house but still get an ending that showed him leaving. This should be fixed now.

I've only replaced the download, instead of uploading a one, so the readme should say "1.9c" if it's the newest one. Importing saves should not break the game at all.

Progress Report

Version 1.9

Should be easier to get a better ending than the worst ending now.
Added so you can check yourself in the mirror to see how you are doing. (Only in Felix's room)
A lot of tweaking, too much to count. Mainly texts and puzzles, some bug fixes. Just trust me, it's a lot.


Added a new page

I added a new page, "Keys/Medkits". I hope these will help some of you, but of course, the page contains spoilers.

I also saw that the game page has gone above 30k views, thanks for that :)

I don't really have anything else to say, so I'll leave it at that.

Progress Report

Version 1.8

Did some tweaking and such.
Found a small bug with the stamina, fixed it by changing back to the old Effectus script.
Added/changed some texts to help clarify some things (for example, Felix now specifies which key he used).

Progress Report

Version 1.7

I just uploaded a new version, just some minor tweaks and updated the Effectus script.

Also, I added a page with 3 solutions to the puzzles people have asked me the most about.



Just wanted to say thanks for the 10k profile views :)
I've gotten some feedback and some people have been very kind enough to help me with errors I've missed. No one would call the game a "success", but to me, it's been a bigger success than I thought it would be, so thanks a lot ^^

Progress Report

Version 1.6

Just a lot of hotfixes such as the Infinite Rope Closet, spelling errors, text going out of window, items not disappearing after use, etc.

Progress Report

Version 1.5

Had to go back to NewGame+ and try to fix it some more.
Fixed some spelling errors and more. (Nothing game breaking)
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