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Big thanks to boobledeeboo for all of the amazing artwork!

Epoch Lander

Captain of the Dragon Knights and the protagonist of Forever's End. Although the morality behind Epoch's actions during his past four years as Captain are questionable, Epoch is good at heart. When Rikalia labels him a traitor, Epoch vows to stop Richard and his plans for the good of the kingdom.

Elise Alkenridge

Elise is a member of the Alkenridges, one of numerous families that has been ordered to safeguard the crystals. Elise, however, is different from her colleagues; she has the ability to commune with the crystals and draw forth their power, something that has only been done by the original Guardian of the Crystals. Although Elise has always wanted to be just a normal girl, she is bound by duty to protect the crystals.

Slade Esperolo

A demon hunter with a dark past who is charged with protecting both the physical and metaphysical world from demonic control. Not much else is known about Slade, except that he is helping Richard for personal reasons.

Lee Durandan

After witnessing the destruction of his village and the murder of his father, Lee must protect a sacred artifact while being pursued by the Rikalian military. Son of renowned war hero, Zanziba, of Rillia Village, Lee is armed with the unique power to absorb an enemy's ability. However, Lee is a pacifist at heart and attempts avoid violence whenever possible.


A small, green goblin who pledges his loyalty to Lee after having his life saved. He isn't terribly intelligent and constantly refers to himself in the third person; nonetheless, he will do anything to keep his master out of harm's way.

Cyrus Lodestar

A laid-back, easygoing mercenary who accompanies Lee and Goldo as they head towards Dorent. He loves going to bars, getting plastered, and hitting on the ladies, which usually results in him getting thrown out. Although Cyrus comes across as a drunken fool, he is also an extremely formidable warrior. His nickname among other mercenaries is the "Drunken Swordmaster."


An uptight girl with cat ears, who is a bit of a kleptomaniac. She accompanies Cyrus and act as his partner in many of his missions. However, she is easily irritated and is constantly infuriated by Cyrus' nonchalant attitude towards everything.

Ziggy Romain

A happy-go-lucky thief who loves going on adventures and heists. He never plans anything out and usually just improvises with about everything he does. He is accompanied by his fellow thieves and best friends, Lyle and Lindor.

Elizabeth Elridge

Princess and daughter of King Richard, and a childhood friend of Epoch. She can be rather ditsy at times, but she has a good heart. She also has a sweet affinity with animals.

Seti O'hare

An old, crogity man who lives by himself up in the snowy north. His behavior can be rather erratic at times, and most of the neighboring villages think he's insane (and for good reason). However, despite his rather unstable facade, he is a powerful fortune teller and helps to guide Epoch on his journey.


King Richard

Once thought to be a humble king, Richard's mind has become twisted after losing his wife and daughter to a pack of demons. Now, Richard seems obsessed with obtaining six legendary crystals, which he believes will provide Rikalia with an infinite amount of energy and resources. But how far is the king willing to go in order to achieve his goal?


A shady character who appeared before the king only days after the death of the king's family. His identity and his origin are a mystery to everyone. Now, he acts as the king's advisor and bodyguard. But is Marcellus really looking out for the king's best interests, or is he driven by another motive?

Hooded Man

An accomplice of Marcellus, this mysterious man occasionally appears to aid Epoch in his journey. He is inflicted with a curse that has transformed his body into a dark miasma. He is only able to maintain his sanity thanks to a special arm that has been grafted onto his body by Marcellus himself.

Hyuga Mendor

The new captain of the Dragon Knights chosen to replace Epoch after his betrayal. Cold-hearted and arrogant, Hyuga is only concerned about his own welfare.


Also known as the "Puppet Master", this mercenary was hired by Richard to obtain the crystals. Armed with a dangerous ability, this heartless man will go to any lengths to see a job through to completion and receive his payment.


Elijir's comrade and his most powerful puppet. He is mute and only communicates with Elijir telepathically.


Alexander Vinson

One of the legendary Crusaders from long past. He begins appearing to Epoch in his dreams, showing him events from his own past. He is extremely noble and would go so far to sacrifice his own life for the safety of his people.

Emily Randolph

Alex's lover and another member of the Crusaders. She accompanies Alex wherever he goes, assisting him with both his inner struggles and those against the Lost.

Strider Marron

Another member of the Crusaders and Alex's apprentice. Although Strider's speed and strength are are almost unmatched, he is still inexperienced and is much more impatient than his fellow warriors. Nonetheless, his loyalty towards Alex is unwavering and always obeys his commands without question.

Claude Deus

A soldier in Epoch's squad and one of Epoch's closest friends. However, during their second mission together, Epoch begins to see just how truly reckless Claude can be. Nonetheless, beneath Claude's confident and arrogant attitude lies a feeling of remorse.

Jason Burns

A soldier who accompanies Epoch on his second mission. He is extremely quiet most of the time and has a very serious attitude. However, what secret is he hiding behind that mask?

Dr. James Farnstein and Wadsworth

A researcher at the Rikalia Institute of Technology, Farnstein requests Epoch to aid him in capturing monsters for his research. A rather comical and over-the-top man, Farnstein is always accompanied by his trustworthy companion, Wadsworth the dog.


Know simply as the "Merchant," this man travels the world selling rare goods and materials. In addition, Goldo is his number one customer, and he constantly provides the goblin with new materials to use in his creations


A mysterious warrior who, in exchange for a strange currency, is willing to increase the strength of Epoch's techniques. Despite Epoch's fall from power, he still consistently refers to Epoch as "Captain."