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Winner of 2010's Most Promising Demo Misao

2nd Place in RPG-atelier's Project of the Month of June 2011

Winner of RMRK's Project of the Fall Season 2011

"Forever's End appealed to everything I love about RPG's...I couldn't recommend it enough." - Little Wing Guy
"It has a genuinely gripping storyline, and I cannot wait for the next installment of this game...I literally want it right now, and if you play this game, you'll see why... " - Fallen-Griever
"{FE} has some spectacular and engaging characters and dialogue to make for a compelling game experience."
- Solitayre
"This is a game!" - dragonheartman
"...this game is great and is on my list of most wanted games. It's a must try." - Tyranos
"Seriously...this game is pure sexual magic." - Feldschlacht IV

Plot Overview

In the world of Linguardia, the nations of Rikalia and Dorent are the reigning powers. Although both leaders have been at peace for centuries, a dark cloud is on the horizon. King Richard, leader of the Rikalian Empire, has recently lost his wife and daughter to a pack of demons. Now, his mind twisted from grief, Richard is on a quest for domination. His plan: to harness the power of the six legendary crystals, which, according to scriptures, will bestow the wielder with unimaginable powers if brought together. With Richard on a path of destruction to collect the crystals, war seems inevitable.

Players take control of Epoch Lander, Captain of Richard's Dragon Knights, an elite force within the Rikalian Empire. However, when Epoch begins questioning the morals behind Richard's actions, he is arrested for treason and sentenced to death. With his head full of unanswered questions, Epoch must decide whether to accept his fate or fight for what he believes to be the greater good: even if it means fighting alone.

TV Tropes page available here!

Latest Blog

Soundtrack Complete!

Jose has just finished the last two songs of the soundtrack, bringing the OST to a grand total of 36 songs. With those final two, the Forever's End soundtrack is now complete! I really have to thank Jose for all the hard work he put into these songs. They all sound fantastic, and I can't wait to release the next episode with them implemented. Great job, bro!

Do know though, there are a few songs that will be included with the game that aren't custom. Not many, but a few, mainly because some of my cutscenes were already built around these songs. However, all of the ones included on this gamepage are the custom ones composed by Jose.

With the soundtrack complete, I thought I'd list out a few of my personal favorites. If you have any favorites, please comment and show Jose some love.

Traveling - Overworld Theme

The Reprieve

Dangerous Wilderness

The Death Knight - Marcellus' Theme


Journeying Forward

Cutting a Path

In the Heat of Battle - Boss Theme 2

A Dying Planet's Last Breath



I would like to add that the font I am currently using is a font created by Magi and used in his game Balmung Cycle Part I: The Messenger and the Heretic. In an attempt to create my own custom font, I accidentally screwed up the original rpg maker font, so I am using Magi's font to help me as I test my game. I would like to thank Magi for creating this font, because without it, I wouldn't be able to play my game.
This doesn't look too bad actually...looking forward to it! ^^
Nice mapping, and I like the way u describe your game, it tells me your a good story teller. Look'n forward to the game, good luck brother!
Looking good. I'd like to add that the font used is a public font made by East. =)
haha, oh yeah you're right, scratch that first comment
then thank you East for creating this font
can't make a bad game if you don't finish any games
Did you use Softy for that font? Or another program I am unaware of?
AFAIK you don't need Softy to do that. Just hack RPGmaker2003 with a hex editor although I forgot why you do that and edit the East font with Softy...oh wait you probably will need Softy to rename the font to RMFont or something, heh. If you need a detailed step-by-step guide er...I can link you to a GW topic provided I can actually find it.
Woah! Look at that download size! Biggest RPG Maker game I've downloaded so far, That's for sure. Not too worried about the space though since my CPU can handle it :). I'll do a quick summary of it after I play it a bit.
Hmm it is quite BIG (141.8MB) but after 1/2 hr I shall have this.
The bad guy has the same name as me! Now I must play this. It will be mine in a matter of minutes...30...long...minutes...
Just started playing, I'm smiling but will it last? :)
5 hrs and counting...

Not so impressed about the battles in this game. I'm having to replenish HP and MP just to survive the next fight and the fights themselves are very slow. I think many people would stop playing after about an hour because of this.

The story's okay but I really like the townspeople and their interactions.
I agree with ZPE. I got game over at the castle sewers and stop playing cause of balance issues. (*P.S. I even had Atom blade or w/e.)
Whoa NicoB, I can't believe how much I like this game. Just reached the Desert Ruins. Thumbs up mate!
I agree and disagree with ZPE. The game is not difficult, this is not the reason that many people stop playing it after the first hour. It's because it becomes BORING. The battle system is totally messed up imo. We have slow battles, with high HP-powered enemies, which respawn way too fast and hunt you like 100m champions. The problem is not so obvious in the first dungeons, but really shows its face in the Desert Ruins area. I would suggest either lowering the HP values of the enemies, making battles faster and more enjoyable, or even better, since you have made the enemies visible already, remove the respawn and make monsters respawn only when you leave the dungeon. Other than that, Forever's End is an excellent game. Gief NO-RESPAWN version plx!
This game is very balanced. I found that while battles were hard enough to make you try that I actually used all those restorative items I bought. I never have to do that. It's refreshing to see a game that you can't just waltz through. It really is.
Please tell me you won't have to play as Ziggy. He scares me.
I like how the character Slade has a moved called "Nightblade". Clever.
This game seems great from the short demo, although the one gripe I had was the name Epoch. It just seemed odd and maybe a little too much foreshadowing. I just named him Julius instead.
Developer, Starless Umbra / Heroes of Umbra
I just went ahead and named him "Epic" instead. :D