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Entry for the 2014 Indie Game Maker Contest.

Contest page link: http://contest.rpgmakerweb.com/game/view/id/433


Trials and Tribulations is set in the world of Arum, in the country of Westercrest, located in the Northwestern Continent.
A prosperous land, full of perilous places for brave adventurers, with many legends of ancient times.
Of all the legends of Westercrest, perhaps the most well-known is the one about the Cave of Trials.

"It is said that the one who can face the Trials to the end, before going insane, or worse, will have the Water of Life bestowed upon them.
The mystical water can cure any disease or curse known among those lands. However, not many return from the terrible cave.

The story begins as the protagonist Kato and his wife Emilia return home from an expedition to the village of Wyvernholt.
In their last adventure, they fought a terrible demon, which cursed Emilia with its dying breath.

As his last hope, Kato follows the legend, to discover the truth behind it.
He must face the Trials alone, and find a cure for his wife before it is too late.

Main Characters

Often the rational, calm type, Kato is a reliable addition to the exploration teams he leads when adventuring about Westercrest.
He was born in Eastern lands. Not much else is known about his past, as he is quite reserved about it.
A talented swordsman, rivaled by none of the Wyvernholt village.
Kato met his wife Emilia when he led the exploration group she was part of, and have been together ever since as an adventuring pair and couple.

A light humored native of Westercrest. Emilia was born into a family blessed with magic, influenced by the cracks in the Rift around that region.
Ever since little, she has shown affinity to healing magic. Opposing her family's plans, Emilia left home to join a group of bandits, escaping the fate of becoming a temple healer.
A few years later, seeking to redeem herself, she joined the exploration group of Wyvernholt, a place she learned to call home.


- Approximately an hour long, puzzle-focused adventure.

- Two possible endings.

- Simple strategic combat.

- Animated battlers.


- Development -


- Proof Reading -


- Testing -


- Resources -

Arum community

- Scripts -

Neon Black
Victor Sant


I hope you have fun with the game, thank you for reading!

Latest Blog

Minor fixes

I have found a few things worth fixing and dealt with them.
The fixes are included in the files now.

If you have downloaded the game before, it would be interesting to update it from the current files available in the site.

  • Completed
  • Silvestre
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
  • Adventure
  • 06/27/2014 12:47 AM
  • 09/01/2022 06:21 PM
  • 06/30/2014
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Liberté, égalité, fraternité
well this looks like fun, I'll give it a go.

Thank you. Let me know what you think. :)
Well, instead of sharing my thoughts through a text review I decided to offer them in the form of a youtube video.

That is awesome. Thank you so much for taking the time to make a video review, thesacredlobo!
anyone know the name for the snow queen -_-
Short game with mostly puzzles and an extremely basic plot. Difficulty is pretty low in most cases. At one point an enemy got stuck trying to chase me, wherein I went to a tent and rested up while the chase music is playing. Very jarring. And I had 'just enough' health to deal with the battle afterwards (one more turn and I would have been rekt)

A pretty short game with mostly puzzles, not much else to say. It was ok.
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