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Oneshot is an RPG Maker 2003 Puzzle/Adventure game where you, as the player, must guide a lost child through a strange world, utilizing items, characters, and the environment to progress.

  • Original soundtrack
  • Custom graphics
  • Unusual gameplay features
  • Permanent consequences

This game was made in a month with a few character designs and music tracks made beforehand. Inspirations include Yume Nikki, Link's Awakening, Hyper Light Drifter, and The Little Prince.

Created by Eliza Velasquez and NightMargin (Casey Gu).

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This sounds very interesting and the graphics looks nice. :D
This game is both adorable and incredible. I'm only a short ways into it, but I got chills when the game actually pulled me in as a character. Nice job on this!
i chose to save the world, but lil Niko... ;^; *sobs*
i feel like my computer has been violated o.o how did you do all that... it's pretty cool though, if used correctly that kind of thing could make a pretty creepy horror game.
What does this run on? I'm trying to download the game but I don't know what it runs on to open the game ;-;
Just started playing this! To be honest I am so tempted to quit the game just to see what happens but I'm not doing that, at least not yet. xD; Looks really polished and professional so far.

EDIT: Okay, um, question... What do I do with the lens and metal bar? Never mind. XD; I had found the appropriate object to use with the bar but had been checking it from the wrong end. ROTFL.
This was a very enjoyable game, glad I learned of this title. The puzzles were fairly challenging, but I did not feel like I was spending hours pulling out my hair.

I love the art style, Niko?(the cat eyes, I forgot her name) was adorable. The game paced out really well, and I liked the ending. Oneshot indeed.
Story time: I experienced a power outage partway through the game and proceeded to freak the hell out. Fortunately it didn't kill Niko, but my own reaction put in perspective for me just how much the game had sucked me in.

So yeah, I finished it, and... GAAAAAAH. I love it. The atmosphere, the music, the creepy meta stuff, everything about it is perfect. This one is going to haunt me for a while.

Gotta say, the fact that you really do only get "one shot" is driving me crazy and I tried to find some kind of workaround for close to an hour with no success, which is probably just missing the point of the entire project but GOSH DARN IT
I am stuck on the part where the robot gives you a die and you're stuck in a infinite loop can anyone help me out here?
Nevermind, I chose to save Niko I know it seems selfish but she really wanted to go home.
Okay so after I saved Niko I thought, Let me see what happens if I save the world. I can't okay the game AGAIN! Maybe theres a way to clear the data but whenever I try to open the file I get a message that says "Our Savior is gone", SO YEP! Thats why t's called "One Shot" I guess.
Ok I just wanted to say that this is the best game I've played so far in the contest. When I beat it and realized...

That you couldn't start a new game I deleted it and redownloaded it from the site. When that didn't work I realized you guys must be saving the file somewhere sneaky! I feel a little violated you putting secret files on my computer. Clever developers you!

It reminds me of an iphone app I played where you only had one life and if you died that was it. You couldn't play it again. I really like that concept. So few games make you live with your decisions. Of course I could just replay this game on a different computer or spend a little more time tracking down the save file. But I doubt most people will do that.

I chose to save the world so I just get Niko's room.

I won't be forgetting this one anytime soon.

BTW my review just went up: http://rpgmaker.net/games/6560/reviews/2992/
Ahhh I didn't get to see the ending cause my comp went to restart for an update I didn't notice right after I made my decision! Going to continue I got, well, don't want to spoil... but man.. that sucks... lol

But other than that that was amazing!! I'm telling everyone I know to play this.
Fantastic game, my favorite from the contest for sure. Great job with this.
I just finished this game and I have to say I LOVED it! It was great in all aspects, and the "oneshot" concept was awesome. No more loading checkpoints to change decisions; just like in real life, every decision has its consequences. Also I chose to save Niko... I think that was the best decision.
I really liked Oneshot. Thanks for making it!
One of the best game, I played recently. Great story and interaction with wirtual world and Niko. I watched two endings I am not sure, which one is better, but neither one nor the other did not satisfy me fully.


When we chose to save the world we got a few nice pics of people we met before, in the sunshine and... nothing more. I was hoping that I would see Niko's reunion with his family(second ending), but instead I got an alert information, that mesiah left this world and it would be destroyed :(

I wonder if is possible to growth something from the seed we plant in ritual chamber. I used miracle water, but nothing happened. Maybe there is third ending?
I sent in a review ages ago but it got rejected, with no specifications as to why. I'm not going to waste my time dealing with the admins, so it'll go here:
*spoiler warning*
This game has the ingenuity that a lot of other games are lacking. The graphics are simple yet excellent, and the foray into this little world show enough background to make it intriguing but not so much that it is disorienting or annoying.
The 'special effects' the game has are a little alarming but harmless, and are cleverly used. I expect that some other games may try and follow suit. The game is really only a one-shot (they weren't kidding), so make sure that you make the gameplay worth it. I found this a little irritating, my pc decided to restart to load some updates, the game crashed, and it gave me the "You Killed Niko" pop-up, which was upsetting. Redownloading the game or unzipping the same file won't let you play the game again after he is killed, the only way to replay is to open it again on another computer or to restore your computer to before you played the game.
It seems that either a few (very few, like one or two) features seems to be different when you play the game again/play it again on OSX, such as your interaction with the entity and your interaction with George.
The puzzles are not particularly challenging (there are very few puzzles), and it was thoughtful of the gamemakers to add the fast-travel option and the boots, given all the walking Niko does. I was worried about having to play the entire game in a single go, but there are beds where you can pause your progress as Niko sleeps.
Overall, a nice game. I only wish it were longer, then perhaps some more challenging puzzles could be added.
Looks pretty solid, and, oooo – it even has two 5/5 reviews thus far! That’s amazing! I think I’ll add this to the review queue for this Summer’s Review Jam and give this a subscribe for now.

It’s nice to see some more Rm2k3 games around here lately. I was starting to think that it was some sort of lost art form around here now, or something.
Don't hate me cause I'm Cute :)
Say Mathew, would you consider changing the game and allowing a player to begin again.......just to upset Artbane??? :) hehehehehehehe
Absolutely love this game. Niko's so adorable, although I'm still not sure on their gender - I assumed a boy. Great plot. Although, I ended up forgetting to plant the seed...
I saved the world. ARGH Why did I choose it?! ;o;
Great game ;3
But it's really sad I couldn't see the other end. *runs to another computer*
This is one of the most extraordinary games that I have ever played! The trick done is simply AWESOME! I hope for other similar games!
Here's my review of this game posted on my personal blog: