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The hero of this game, Minhyuk, had an unfortunate incident in his past.
One day, he wakes up in the dark room of his, and find his mother lying dead on the floor.
Minhyuk needs to try his best to find out what happened in the house, utilizing the matchstick in his pockets and other items he can find in the mansion.
He must avoid fatal threats and escape from the mansion safely.

we funding at kickstarter

we funding at indiegogo

<PV movie>



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we funding at kickstarter soon.
Planning a charity for the friendship of part of Asia.

But you guys are challenging to prepare English version of the game. Especially you guys seem Korean (I know you are not North Korean, don't worry. :D).

Good honour, deserve more attentions.

Anyway, your game needs to polish the introduction. You should put the brief of the game rather than just explaining a purpose like "Enigma is a free game, which is open to public.".

Besides, you have to change the preview image of the game. I thought the game was Visual Novel or some sort of Romance genre as seeing the kiss-scene. Second image would be better to promote.

thx, kartersaint.

I see what u means.

ENIGMA is very similar Visual Novel course.

ENIGMA will be free for play.
but I need your small help to make it.

anyway, ENIGMA can play freely in October, 2014.
If you help or not.

coming soon.

It does look interesting. I will DEFINITELY play this. Even though I have no money to support the project, I will surely be among the first ones to play it. :}
So English version of a FREEWARE(I heard the Korean version is free at all) game is three million won of kickstarter fund. What a "propessional". At least the game looks romantic in thumbnail :)
oohhh..This game looks promising. :) can't wait to try it!
Please update us once in a while ( ^v^)/

now we start sale on desura.
Im sorry about that this game is not for free.
there is some kind of reason.
but it's just 5$ for this game.
you can help me to making game if you purchase it.
thank you.
is this game free because you said its free to play in october.
I dont know about you, but this game is hilarious.
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