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We are funded! Stretch Goals!

We did it!

Thank you all so much for your continued support and loyalty! We promise to deliver you the best possible game and all the awesome goodies and rewards you’ve signed up for! (★^O^★)

Tomorrow will be exactly one year after the day Chancler and I got together and began work on Unraveled. After many obstacles, such as our first failed Kickstarter, we have finally arrived at our dream! I say arrived, because this is where our dream begins!

Help make our Stretch Goals happen!



70% Funded, 4 days left on Kickstarter!

We've been funded for 70% with 4 days left!
Please help us out and pre-order/pledge or share the link on social media. ^_^


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Thank you for your support! <3

Progress Report

Developer Aaron plays Unraveled!

The co-producer of Unraveled and Founder of RosePortal Games (fancy title), Aaron van der Brugge, plays the demo of Unraveled! Watch it for some interesting commentary, or if you didn’t want to play the demo, or simply for fun! Because it was certainly quite enjoyable to record. :)


Kickstarter Relaunched!! Funded 10% in 1 day!

Click to go to Unraveled's relaunch!

Hey everyone! Unraveled has launched its new Kickstarter campaign. Please go over there and pledge your support (or support us again if you backed our previous campaign)! Thank you all very very much for your support! We could not have gotten here without all of you!

  • New Demo is live! Check it out to hear Secret of Mana composer Hiroki Kikuta's theme for Unraveled!

  • The teased new artwork has been reveled!

  • We've got a small amount of Early Bird specials! Tell Grandma!

  • Please check out all the great new rewards!

  • We have streamlined based off of your helpful feedback!

  • No more Stretch Goals. We want to purely focus on Unraveled completion!

Thank you all very much!

New KickstarterFacebookTwitterOfficial WebsiteRosePortal Games


Trailer & Steam Greenlight!

Hey guys! Major update! :)

I've finished the official trailer and Unraveled is now up on Greenlight. If you'd like to see the game on Steam, please take a second to go over there and vote for it. ^_^ Thank you!

Steam Greenlight: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=334926928

Progress Report

Extended Version Screenshots

More Art...

More Fun!

More Beauty...

More Story...

Only in the upcoming extended version of Unraveled! ^_~

As a side-note: all my other images are down because Majhost has been having "maintenance" the entire week. I uploaded these images on my personal website but will see if Majhost comes back before I start re-uploading the rest.

Progress Report

Some new material!

So after the contest deadline I've still been working non-stop on the extended version of the game. Here are a couple of screenshots of the new stuff you can expect to see! :)

Princess Level:

Sand Castle Maze:

Customizable Doll House Mini-Game:

All content is still WIP. ^_^
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