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Bowser's forces invaded the Mushroom Kingdom again! Mario Brothers are going to defend toads and smash the Koopa King!

It's classic SMB1/SMB3 Episode.
There's lots of SMB3 (and other) features indistinctive for SMBX. If you like SMB3, sure this episode would make an impression. No division into worlds here - the huge world map has complex structure and path variations. Gameplay is SMB3. This means there is no acting creatures, who can be grabbed from top. No SMB2 vegetables. No any rideable Yoshi in this episode.

Link is disabled, but all other characters are available. However, levels in this episode were created for Mario Brothers.

Any character can beat direct levels in any form and without special abilities like spinjump, Peach fluttering, etc. However, abilities may needed during searching bonuses, secret exits or completing bonus levels.

Latest Blog

Some Update

Just cosmetic update, no gameplay changes here.

Changes for version
- Added logo & launcher
- Almost all transparent water uses png replacements now
- Removed hammer effect for fake Bowsers using fire (works for 2.0 only)
- Removed fire effect for Bowser using hammers (works for 2.0 only)
- Changed sound effect for Brick Goomba's death (works for 2.0 only)
- Some soundtracks have been replaced with its spc analogs
- Added vertical wrap for the ice warp zone instead of instant warps

Changes for Lunar Editions:
- Decreased star count for Lakitu Shoe in 1. I decided to do it because some stars located in intricate places.

Changes for all versions:
- Added tutorial block in level17 explaining that pokeys aren't safe for jumping
- Changed Angry Sun in the quicksand to its normal size
- Fixed Paragoomba's stomping effects
- Fixed Brick Goomba's death effect
- Fixed some another minor flaws

All links updated.
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  • litchh
  • Super Mario Bros. X
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  • 09/09/2014 09:58 AM
  • 07/13/2017 07:08 PM
  • 07/13/2014
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This turned out to be a great game.
Added Patch 1.02.
It replaces checkpoint with SMW star in the final castle and have some local fixes also.

The full archive is also replaced.
Added version for lunadll with prohibited spinjump and some another changes!

Added Patch 1.04a.
It replaces Door System after 1-st castle to more handy and includes minor fixes for world and levels.

The full archive is also replaced.
im having some difficulties playing this game i download it and i have the rtp and i unzip the file and still nothing am i missing something?
The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
im having some difficulties playing this game i download it and i have the rtp and i unzip the file and still nothing am i missing something?

Uh... This is an SMBX game. You need to download SMBX first. Then, you unzip and put the game's folder into the "worlds" folder in your SMBX program. From there, you can open SMBX and play the episode.
Since my episode had too many bugs, I decided to delete all links & restart this project. Unfortunatelly I lost my pass until that time so I couldn't inform you about it. I'm sorry for that.

Links were updated. If you already started playing this episode, you can complete it, but some bonus levels may be out of reach.

Also I recomend to play Lunar Edition, because it fits more to episode's idea.
Added version for
This version has fixed soundtrack which played incorrect on version for and newer. It's also playable for 2 players and includes Lunar Edition with graphical patch in it.
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