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Punting animals around has never been this fun!

Farmyard Chronicles is a puzzle/adventure game made by Flapbat in RM2k.

"Once upon a time, there was a group of mighty wizards...
And these wizards studied magic...
And they lived in a castle...
And most importantly...
They had a farm..."

Farmyard Chronicles is about a girl and a boy, to whom the wizards entrusted the welfare of their farm, because they all had to leave for somewhere because of something. A bit later, the boy decided to do some magic. He teleports one of the farm animals, a sheep, across the room. He actually succeeded. But then, the sheep started acting strange. Suddenly, it was teleporting all over the room. To make things worse, the other animals are starting to act up too. And in one quick flash, they all disappeared. Now it's up to you (the girl) to bring back all the animals, while your no good 'friend' twiddles his thumbs and procrastinates in the barn (>.<)

Story and Execution: 4/5
Well technically, there is barely any story. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the random snippets that I find in bookshelves and such.

Art and Music: 4/5
The game (I think) uses solely rtp graphics and audio. That said, it was used adeptly by the developer. Though there are some places that looked kinda off to me, they aren't really that noticable. So to sum it up, it was nicely used, though I think It could still get better.

Gameplay: 5/5
This game sports some really good mechanics that made clear the effort that went into this aspect. And though your goal is as simple as 'Get all the farm animals back', I can definitely assure you that it never gets that simple. Why? Well those animals just have to hide behind cliffs, locked gates, across pits and pools of water, and every other nook and cranny you can think of. That's where your abilities come in; unlocked by paying Rune Shards, and a requirement to progress through the game. Now you have to creatively use your abilities to get those animals that somehow decided to teleport to impossible places.

These puzzles frustrated me. These puzzles made me think. Therefore, these puzzles are well-crafted. Great job!

Random Thoughts:
*At first, I didn't know that the bookshelves were actually functional (I mean, come on. Who takes the time to make scripts for background materials nowadays?)

*Though the game itself felt quite polished, there were some glitches present. I think these glitches were due to the limitations of Rm2k, so they don't count.

*The standard ending made me laugh XD

Overall: 4 / 5
This game is well worth everyone's time. Though it does get dull at times, when you just can't clear an area, only to find out that you need to get 'x' first, and then something. This game's getting there, all right. It's not there yet, but it's headed the right direction. Just needs a little more 'oomph' to it.

And with that, baa bye!


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Liberté, égalité, fraternité
Ok, I'm sold. I've got this on my list anyway but after this line

'These puzzles frustrated me. These puzzles made me think. Therefore, these puzzles are well-crafted'

I'm going to move it up.

Nice review.
The puzzles were pretty challenging, and I liked that :)

Thanks Nhubi!
Nice review Karins. I also was going to review this, but I never got around to it.

Yeah, a few of the puzzles were really hard. I'm looking directly at you, puzzle where you have to dash over the void and make your way to the end.
Though at least, you won't get stuck in some unreachable area (unless you glitch and get stuck in a wall or something...)
Thank you so much! Your feedback is much appreciated. And I'm so happy to receive a high review! I will release an updated version tomorrow that polishes the game more :)
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