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Join Virdant, Arron and Claus. Three friends set out
on a quest to find the fabled "Gift of the Goddess".
Now, they will venture throughout the world to find it.

Only one question remains; what will happen once they find it?

Gift of the Goddess is an RGSS3 learning project aiming to reveal the story behind the popular poem, LOVELESS from the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII, through personal interpretations.

So far, only a demo has been made for the game. It only has little game time and will only show the basics.

Square Enix, Holder, William Couillard and Timmah.

Victor Sant, Yanfly, CSCA, Galv, Unsigned Zero, William Couillard, Moghunter, Modern Algebra and The Unpro Pro

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How long is the demo expected to take and also since some games dont give an idea when the demo is over and suddenly it is over....an idea where the game ends please?
While I'm flattered that you clearly have played FFD, I'm not OK with you using original resources from it in your game with absolutely no credit (I'm not talking about the FF4:CC rips, I didn't make those and they are fair game). Most of your included IconSet is directly taken or edited from the ones I made myself.

I totally understand resources are hard to come by for the average creator, but use a little common sense. You wouldn't want people stealing things you spent your time on. Also, you might want to credit the number of other authors whose resources you're using in your game (Mr. Bubble comes to mind).

I apologize for that... Yes, I used some of your Icons for mine such as the power up and down icons and the keyboard icons. I will change that. But I would like to ask is, can I still use the red and blue frames?

Thank you for the heads up... I will fix that...
I don't mind if you use anything I made as long as you properly credit the artists whose resources you're using (I think that's a rule of RMN anyway, and I think you may have some of Timmah's animations in there, too). As far as I can see, those are the only outside resources I recognize. Good luck!
All right, I played the demo and I must say that it looks quite good. Still, there are some things that I find questionable like:
  • Overloading the player with command tutorials including overloading commands with abilities.
    Virdant is a swordsman so in my opinion he shouldn't have access to Black and White Magic commands, plus he should have a very limited number of abilities in Special and Skill commands (for Special "Cheer" would be enough and for Skill "Double Strike" or whatever it's called would be enough). I do hope you'll add some girls to the playable cast.
  • Waiting for the first phase of the victory music to finish in order to see the battle results screen. And Virdant could strike a victory pose or something too, he just stands there.
  • A weird weapon choice is adding Holy Lance as a low level weapon to give it to a swordsman. It is usually on the strongest spears in the franchise which makes the game look weird.
  • Lack of Save Crystal in the Village in the begining but magically appearing after dealing with the monster in the forest. I had to be very cautious with dealing with enemies so I wouldn't have to restart the game from the begining which would be annoying.
  • I don't think Scan shows elemental vulnerabilities like the Tutorial claims it.
  • Why does the game resets Virdant's level to 1 when fighting the 'ferocious monster' in the forest? I had to opt out to Virdant's starting weapon to beat the monster as the Holy Lance was making him have lower Speed and in result the monster had its turn faster and could kill me instantly.
  • If this game is really related to an element from Final Fantasy series, then it should have more Final Fantasy music. While its true that RMVXAce's 'soundtrack' is much better than RMVX's, Final Fantasy music will surely make the players feel right at home.
  • There are minor message misspelling when obtaining few items and villager message (appears as "Villager]") during the events in the village after beating the 'ferocious monster'.

  • For the REALLY REALLY large number of abilities and for the Holy Lance being obtained early... Those are for Demo purposes. Though what you say makes a lot of sense.
  • For Virdant's victory pose... I'm working on that. It's hard making sprites specially frame by frame...
  • For the female playable character... As I stated, the story is based on LOVELESS in which case never pointed out a female save for the Goddess (who I plan will have a temporary playable moment) and that woman that the "Prisoner" met... I did, however, have the idea to add a "Guest Party" script. So with that, I can add more characters in the roster.
  • For the Scan thing... If I'm correct, the elemental vulnerabilities is shown at the upper left corner of the Scan Screen. Note that in the demo, only the Cockatrice and the Bomb have elemental weaknesses.
  • For the level reset thing... I've gotta check on that. Did not saw that...
  • For the other thing you mentions, again I'll see what I can do...

Thanks for the thorough observations and for playing... This really helps a lot... I'll update as soon as my personal businesses are taken care of!
I don't know what the LOVELESS says as I didn't play Crisis Core which I believe is the game with the most information regarding it. But certainly, a female with large story impact (aside of the 'Goddess') would be very welcome by me.
Lack of Save Crystal in the Village in the begining but magically appearing after dealing with the monster in the forest. I had to be very cautious with dealing with enemies so I wouldn't have to restart the game from the begining which would be annoying.

Went into the forest, turns out every monster can kill me with just 4 hits. I missed one attack and the enemies killed me, there were no save points in town so I had to restart. Sorry but this is a pretty bad situation to start the player off in.

EDIT: Turns out the game wanted you to keep pushing forward into the forest since there is a healing/save crystal near the end. But as it turns out this demo is VERY short. Also if you choose to restart the game it leaves you in a black screen as there was never a fadein trigger.
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