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New design pieces. Very pleased!

  • Elder71
  • 08/21/2015 09:14 AM
New design pieces. Very pleased!

As you folks know, our Kickstarter campaign launches on Monday (August 24th, 2015).

Although I knew getting everything prepared for it would mean a lot of work (work I was enthusiastic to tackle) I learned a little lesson about underestimation.

Of course, everything's in place. It's all be proof read, polished, reorganised, rejigged and tweaked to (hopefully) as close to perfection as possible.

I'm very happy with the designs I put together for it, so I wanted to share with you guys:

First, the character bios:

One area where Omnis is a little weak in terms of content at the moment is artwork. We've got Oksana Kharitonova on-board now as our dedicated character artist, but in the interim I've done my best to make use of the sprites:

A big part of my approach to making the KS page look good was having graphics for titles instead of plain text. It's a common approach on KS, but there aren't many who make their titles animated!:

(this is a 50% resolution version)

And, finally (though there's lots more on the page itself), I decided to make pretty versions of our pledge rewards:

I realise these images a little big and unwieldy for a blog post, but I really went overboard on resolution to try and guarantee the best quality when they were uploaded to Kickstarter.

That's all from me, folks.

Hope to see you on Monday!