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Completed! Get it while it's hot!

Mystic Quest has officially been reborn. From the ashes it arises as Mystic Dawn, and now you can marvel in its economically-sized splendor. So yeah, go get 'em, champ.

Progress Report

The Final Lap!

I've got one more dungeon, an area, and a couple of scenes to make, then I'm DONE! Mystic Quest is seeing an official rebirth sometime this week. You know you want to dust off that ol' Rm2k and play this gam. Play it good! It's super worth it! I'm not kidding! GAM! GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM!


I've also decided that, once I'm through with this game, I'll take a little while off from making games and instead play some games and perhaps write some reviews. I've already got a few picked out that I'm interested in trying, but I'm not going to make this "facebook official" (like starting a thread on the forum) in case things don't work out.

EDIT: They didn't.


Full speed ahead!

Although it wasn't on "facebook official" hiatus, having to invest my time into other things resulted in development on Mystic Dawn coming to a screeching halt (hence why I didn't get it done in time for the Revive the Dead event OTL). However, having previous engagements all caught up on, it's back to Mystic Dawn for me. Originally I was thinking about jumping right back in to Tales from Zilmurik, but I figured since this is a shorter, more easy-going RPG, that I'd finish this first. I hope to have this released by New Years Eve.

Deadlines are evil. This game will be completed soon enough.
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