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Accompany Elsa, a teen-age girl who has just moved to another town with her mother and tries to find out about its history. Set out on an unexpected quest full of mysteries to unravel (which takes about 15 hours and features self-written music). Why does the game board in the woods work only for you? What does the Elder know about it? Who was the Wizard? Does he maybe still exist? And in addition to answering these questions, can you find all the hidden items and secret rooms, too?

Hey, almost done here!

At the beginning of the game, choose one of two classes with different skills and, here and there, slightly different events taking place in the world. Do you want to get close and personal yourself as a Fighter, dual-wielding your electrified swords, or play the supporter's role of a Tinker, healing and buffing your allies? It's up to you!

This might work, I guess?

Configure the skill setups of your actors yourself! Choose between a number of powerful skills, some even with multiple useful effects, and try to find the perfect solution against the enemy combinations you encounter. Take advantage of skill synergies in order to defeat even the hardest bosses with relative ease!

If only I had a skill that ... -- hey, wait.

For more information, please visit the blog: https://gamemastervxace.wordpress.com/

Have fun!

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what guide is that.and i lost in the woods looking for the elf ?
A problem..
When you have the keyshell and take on the gameboard to left on the churh in snowyland second time,its long into the game.The Priest talk alot and give you 2 choices and whatever i choose so the game freeze and the text priest says stand on the screen:Elsa,i i has wasted your time for long enough now,should you neddany healing or the strenght this sacred church may grant you....and so on and there the game freeze.Its at the same time he gives a bluestone.
Thanks for the report! :) I was able to replicate the bug. Looks like version 1.0.4 isn't far.

Is there anything else you would like to critisise, report or suggest? It feels a bit awkward to release a new version for just one (albeit critical) bugfix, so maybe there are other things to take care of on this occasion.
still no help with the woods looking for the elf in the maze .
on the guide.
@norman: Oh, sorry! I somehow thought you were looking for Libra, but you're clearly past that point.
So I assume you mean the Riddle Path? There are two hints you need to put together. One can be found in the Kalra Catacombs, the other one in the House of Wisdom. It's admittedly one of the more tricky side quests, but it does pay off, I promise!
thanks for getting back to me.
can you save me some time walking.
and tell me the path thanks for all the help.
Vampyric Field is spelled vamyiric Field in battles.Cant think of another problems right now,its good.Maybe sometimes the healing inside a game(the blue healingspots)doesnt work or work just a little.It doesnt heal you full.Im around 20 hours now,i take my time and really want to see and find everything in games.EDIT:Hello Norman.This is a real spoiler so
s,w,s,w,s,e,n.The flowers is North.
.Its the riddlepath,but look only if you really dont find the hints :) .I know how frustrating things can be sometimes.
thanks for the help with the elf path.
did the dragon test.
got a new robot.
what do i do now ?.
got skyboobs were do i use then.
@kenlan: Thanks! It will be fixed in the next version. :)

The Green Dragon's Trial was only a side quest, so you simply continue with the main quest. :) If you don't know what to do, check the Key Shell description.

As to your second question: I can only guess, but do you mean the *boots* called Skywalkers? You can equip them in the accessory slot.
saireau the key shell re-opens the game how do i use that. ?
and the skywalkers were do you use it.
and do i have to look for the white cat.
and were is it.thanks.
Key Shell: Well, you don't use it from the menu. What other possibilities are there? ;)
Skywalkers: You simply equip them.
White cat (Liem): You don't have to, it's another side quest. I could tell you the locations, but then the quest would be pointless, right? The game world is not *that* large, so I'm sure you will be able to find him. :)
saireau thanks for the help.
but if i can.t equip it or use it.
what can i do with the key shell.
went you put on the skywalkers do they do something.
apart from hover above the ground.
good hard game.
In order to use the Key Shell, you need to actually return to the Game. I hope this hint is enough. :)
The Skywalkers raise your TMP by 10. You can see main stat changes like this one on the left side of the equipment menu.
how do you return to the game.
no idel.?
Well, you enter the Game via its entrance. What could be considered as the entrance?
bin a lost time now.
were is it again? thanks.