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A Game I created in 2013. It is my first game. Sadly, I've cancelled it's development because I think zombie doesn't fit in RPG.

However, I'm still going to publish it as a christmas present for y'all :D

The story follows a young man named Renn Kiriyama who woke up in his school, not knowing that hell has came upon it. Later he met his friend Natsumi Miyamoto, who explained everything that happened while he was sleeping in his classroom while the others had left.

After venturing the school for several minutes, they eventually met another survivor, Yuuki Hinata and Ryuu Tendou. The four of them soon realized that there's a mystery going on the school regarding the outbreak...

Note: The character Yuuki Hinata was later reused as Yuuki Shinozaki for Nightmare of The Snow.

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Survival horror rpg in a school filled with zombies. However the battles are pretty easy so it's more akin to a pure horror rpg. Heavily inspired by resident evil. The game is pretty tame so dont expect too much, and it's not nearly as long as nightmare of the snow.
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