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DEMO v1.2 out!

DEMO 1.2 is out (RTP required)! Make sure you are on the latest one. Saves from older versions will not work!

Here are some notes of what's new:
  • Noticeable overall performance improvement.
  • The wall-clock now displays time!
  • Dialog flows smoother.
  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Added more interact-able stuff!
  • Resolution reduced and ToC zoom removed.

What's to come in the next updates:
  • More mini-events!
  • More SE and pictures!
  • More bug fixes!
  • You will see what Nicholas thinks in real time (no need for stop movement to comment about the weather)!
  • Up to day 2 in the island! What kind of new activities our rehabs will have to face?

I'm really having fun making this game. Though at times it seems a little bit overwhelming :/ But I will keep at it!