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Miraculo Island HD

Uh... eh...? How many years have gone by? xD
Anyway, it's time to come back from the grave!

Big announcement: Miraculo Island is cancelled!

Wait, no. That wasn't it. Let's try again...

Big announcement: Miraculo Island is finished!

Yes, it's for real this time :D!
For you to get an idea, the game is already playable from beginning to end and features 6 bad ends, 1 normal end and 1 good end with slight variations depending on your playthrough.
All that's left now is extensive playtest to squash sneaky bugs and do some minor system adjustments here and there so that the general flows feels right.

Here is the Steam page for you to check out some of the improvements made and wish list it too ;D!


The release date may not be exact but it's looking like a realistic prediction if everything goes smoothly. I still need to submit the game trailer, I hope I can push it fairly soon so to get that out of the way.

Also, for those who played the old VXA version back then and enjoyed it, you can go ahead and PM me for a free Miraculo Island Steam key! Hopefully, I can even give you early access to the BETA which should become available to play in just a couple of weeks. All I ask in return is some comment after having played it (positive, negative, bug report... anything works!).

Finishing, although I'd have liked for this game to touch more topics and run on a more polished system (sorry, there's still some lag y-y), I can say I'm fairly happy with how it turned out. It was also a lot of work I couldn't have predicted at the time. But it all paid off in the end :D Now it's time to set this baby free.

I'll probably make a new page later... or not. I'm too lazy to bother right now :P

That's all for now, folks ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

Progress Report

DEMO v2.0 out!


  • DAY 2 is out (as intended for the DEMO)! What kind of new activities our rehabs will have to face? Next update should be full game. When? I don't even know :(
  • Improved performance.
  • Minor bug fixes.
  • More mini-events! Will you be able to beat the Beast of the Wild and reclaim its reward? It's not that easy so make use of your new skills and items!
  • Added pictures to give a more visual novel like vibe (go ahead and inspect the Cave and the old photo :D).
  • Improved some maps. Basement remodeled and animated waves!
  • Thoughts on movement feature added. You will see what Nicholas thinks in real time (no need for stop movement to comment about the weather)!
  • More stylish green orb over head and mouse cursor and some other minor stuff...
  • System options from Menu.

Please, I ask for all the feedback possible (and bugs :P). The game should be more appealing with day 2 over :3 With this I set the stage for the following gruesome events that will take place in the island.

It will take time for the completion of it, sadly :( But I'll not give up as long as I'm alive!

Developer Blog: http://akumugames.tumblr.com/


DEMO v1.2 out!

DEMO 1.2 is out (RTP required)! Make sure you are on the latest one. Saves from older versions will not work!

Here are some notes of what's new:
  • Noticeable overall performance improvement.
  • The wall-clock now displays time!
  • Dialog flows smoother.
  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Added more interact-able stuff!
  • Resolution reduced and ToC zoom removed.

What's to come in the next updates:
  • More mini-events!
  • More SE and pictures!
  • More bug fixes!
  • You will see what Nicholas thinks in real time (no need for stop movement to comment about the weather)!
  • Up to day 2 in the island! What kind of new activities our rehabs will have to face?

I'm really having fun making this game. Though at times it seems a little bit overwhelming :/ But I will keep at it!
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