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The X-Files: Endgame Possibilities

Endgame Possibilities:

"An endgame the same as any other"

The following message is for you and you

You know my name is \CShift], but you don't
yet know who I am or why I am.

I grew up in a laboratory known as Unit 731 which was part of the Asylum.
Where I come from, the Asylum refers to a complex system of secret hospitals and laboratories that focused on human experimentation. The Asylum primarily worked with children and young adults that were homeless or orphaned. A three stage program developed that started with the testing to gain a full grasp of
the child's capability and normally ended with an autopsy.

After fifteen years at Unit 731, which was located under Saint Anne's Hospital,I was placed in a newly developed device called the Mental Stimulis and Status Chamber or MSASC for short. That device altered my brain's normal functions and helped make me who, or what, I am today.

It may be that I am a wanderer, not belonging to either, but drifting through both… simultaneously.

And what about you?

Your soul has been distressed. It fears in losing itself to something it can't know. I too have know what it is liked to be controlled, be consumed.


Extrasensory Secrets: The X-Files

How to cheat your way to the end. This is only possible if playing 'precognition' with corrections.

1. Press the down key 3 times.
2. Hit the 'Okay' Key
3. You've won.

You should see this.

The ending will play out from there.
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