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Awards: 1st Place winner of the Sci-Fi Game Pitch Contest!

A sci-fi mouse driven adventure game that focuses on puzzle solving as a means of progression. Puzzles are worth points and unlock special cut scenes as well as small perks. The game will have a clear linear plot that the player can follow or forego to find side puzzles that contribute to the overall story.

There are no battles or equipment, but the player gets an inventory to help them discern evidence when interrogating and arresting criminals.
The game will have a custom menu that hosts a variety of useful tools for investigation along with the "Puzzle Matrix" a device that once activated/given to the player through a story event allows you to go back and solve puzzles you may have missed along the way.
One of the tools essential to the team is the "Galatica" a device used by law enforcement to produce instant knowledge of alien worlds and their laws to better enforce order. Being from Earth Jayce and Stacy will notice the Galatica is strangely void of any knowledge of Humans or the Sol system. It's up to the player to fill in the blanks while they explore the galaxy and it's people. As the player progresses with the Galactica new cut scenes will open on Earth to play out with Jayce and Stacy's friends.
Custom musical pieces composed by Miss Little Fish in the spirit of the 80s including Wheels and the Leg Girl Saturday Morning Intro
Scythuz musical score(Restaff and Mem+) and custom themes
Musical Stings and Riffs in the spirit of Saturday Morning Bumpers for Commercials
Custom Art Work, Logo, Title Screen, Cover Art, and Character Concepts by Makio Kuta (Still in Production)
Custom Scripts made by Venka to enhance Shaz's mouse script along with a completely new adventure game menu scene
A custom script made by Evgenij to enables character's movement on the save screen (purely for the flavor of the genre)
LARGE Icons. Enjoy the feeling that only 40x40 pixel icons bring as you no longer squint to see "Is it a sword? It looks like a sword. It's a knife? No, it's a sword! Knife-Sword."
The game stars two high school children Stacy and Jayce. Jayce is a smart wheelchair bound boy, and Stacy is the popular overly violent girl. The two love to play detective until one day while hanging around a crime scene they become involved in an extraterrestrial plot to smuggle narcotics. Coming into possession of several clues to a dealer a dragon like alien, the Sheriff of Sol "Gallus" deputizes them both.
He takes them to Galaxy Police Headquarters where he wants them to interrogate a suspect and arrange them for trial. This will put them on the trail of a large drug cartel, and one step closer to shutting down the head of the Stellar Syndicate; an organized criminal group bent on control of the Galaxy.
Jayce and Stacy will have their own story unraveling as they explore the hidden life of their parents, whose involvement with the GP led them to an untimely end.

The game depends on several phases per chapter: Investigation, Interrogation, Incarceration, and Indictment.
Progress is measured by puzzle solving outside of court.
During the Investigative phase the player will be allowed to explore and interact with alien worlds and people as well as return to Earth. Interrogation allows the player to question and torture suspects, but can have negative consequences on your career if you decided to harass innocent people.
Incarceration lets the player visit the criminals in jail and discern information about dealings as well as clues. Indictment will be the hardest phase requiring the player to give testimony based on the evidence collected.
The AI of the game will be triggered by events and conditions that the player performs in court, and when evidence is presented. Presenting evidence too soon or neglecting it can lead to the criminal walking.

Latest Blog

Back in Action - Switch to MV

Sorry for being quiet. A personal issue with my family's health and a miscommunication between doctors kept me away and unable to maintain this project for a bit.

I came back to work to see that MV will be coming out shortly. I've already gotten a copy, and will be taking the project over due to the ease of controls and possibilities of lightening the work load since Mundy is VERY familiar with javascript and html. Sadly with Ruby we'd both struggle at times and needed outside help more often than not. This won't make things easier, but it will make them faster.

All resources are still valid. Nothing is being redone from scratch. No time is lost.

The native mouse system is something I've really needed due to Shaz's script requiring so much work and tweaking with Venka's and Nio's help. This
is a dream come true for this project and initially why I wanted to start it ahead of time to see if I could manage with ACE. Now I can get
this looking and functioning better and still retain the different look from most of the games you will be seeing with MV.

Anyone who contributed during the ACE development will still be credited for their work. I have no reservations in giving people credit where credit is due.
I hope this means we can see them again on the MV side of things.

As of two weeks ago all resources needed to complete the first court scene are done, and the puzzles are being constructed now. A few adjustments will get them to the new resolution standards. Everyone did everything in HQ big versions which will scale to any size. What a life saver =3


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The dragon caught my eyes.

There will be a few others as well besides him, it is an entire race.
He's a lunking side kick for the kids.
Oh Cool I remember this game from other website
do not remember witch one.
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