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So ignore that last post; I've gotten roped into a fairly promising project.

I can't say much about it, but let's just say I'm confident enough to hold off on this project for a while in order to dedicate myself to it.

For now, look elsewhere.

Progress Report


I had a lot of real life fluff to deal with, but now I can work a bit on this game.

I'm currently working on the introduction scene. I also have a battle theme in the works, just because.


I hope this will stay afloat.


Truth be told, I conceived the idea of this game after getting fed up working on a different project and needing a break, which was... Sunday. So I worked on this for only a week.

Yeah, it's that kind of project. But no worries, because this project requires me no graphical effort since I plan on just plucking resources at my disposal; art is the main downfall of my efforts.

You might also notice I am also credited as a developer of another game released in lieu of Release Something the 13th (how unlucky!), River of Stars. I plan on alternating between the two, though for River of Stars I will be primarily working on gameplay, while Walk of Life will be handled entirely by my own direction (maybe).

Also the titles being in a similar vein is coincidental. shh.

Wish me luck, I need all the motivation I can get to churn out a first completed game :U
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